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Step into the world of combat sports excellence with Carbon Claw – your ultimate brand for top-tier Boxing, MMA, and fight equipment. As a brand dedicated to delivering superior performance and durability, Carbon Claw stands as a beacon for enthusiasts who demand the very best in their training and competition gea

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Carbon Claw PRO X ILD-7 Speed Leather Cuban Pads

Carbon Claw PRO X ILD-7 Speed Leather Cuban Pads

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Carbon Claw Razor Pro RX-7 6ft Synthetic Leather Punch Bag

Carbon Claw Razor Pro RX-7 6ft Synthetic Leather Punch Bag

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Carbon Claw PRO X ILD-7 Leather Sparring Gloves

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Explore our extensive range that covers everything from precision-crafted boxing gloves to robust punch bags. Carbon Claw takes pride in offering a comprehensive selection of fight equipment designed to elevate your training sessions and matches. Whether you're a seasoned professional or a passionate beginner, our commitment to quality ensures that you're equipped with gear that can withstand the rigors of intense workouts and demanding competitions. At Carbon Claw, we understand that the right equipment can make all the difference in your journey towards mastery. Our products embody a fusion of cutting-edge technology and traditional craftsmanship, delivering a perfect balance of performance, protection, and style. Join us in the pursuit of excellence and gear up with Carbon Claw – where every punch, kick, and grapple is backed by the assurance of superior fight equipment. Unleash your potential and elevate your combat sports experience with the brand trusted by champions.

List of Carbon Claw Boxing, Martial Arts & MMA Fight Equiment.

Carbon Claw is known for offering a variety of high-quality Boxing, Martial Arts, and MMA fight equipment. Here's a general list of items you might find in their product range:
  1. Boxing Gloves: Carbon Claw produces a range of boxing gloves suitable for various levels of expertise, from beginners to professionals.
  2. Punch Bags: High-quality punch bags designed to withstand intense training sessions, available in different sizes and weights.
  3. Focus Mitts/Pad Work Mitts: Precision training mitts for improving accuracy, speed, and technique in striking.
  4. Headgear: Protective headgear for sparring and training, providing essential safety during intense sessions.
  5. Shin Guards: For MMA practitioners, Carbon Claw likely offers shin guards to protect against kicks and strikes during training.
  6. Mouthguards: Essential for dental protection during sparring and matches.
  7. Hand Wraps: To provide added support and protection to the hands and wrists.
  8. Groin Guards: Protective gear for vital areas during sparring and competitions.
  9. Kick Pads/Shields: Used in training for various strikes and kicks.
  10. Boxing Ring Accessories: This may include ropes, turnbuckles, and corner pads for those who are looking to set up a boxing ring.
  11. MMA Gloves: If Carbon Claw caters to MMA, they likely offer gloves specifically designed for mixed martial arts competitions and training.
  12. Apparel: This might include shorts, shirts, and other training apparel.
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