Mirafit Parallettes

Mirafit offer a range of parallettes that are ideal for helping you to develop your upper body as well as your core. Performing advanced moves such as L-sits and planche press-ups on parallettes is great for developing strength and improving your body posture.

The Mirafit Parallettes and parallettes are a range of metal frames used for calisthenics, gymnastics and other similar bodyweight training disciplines. To achieve advanced moves, including the L-sit and planche press-up variations, Mirafit offer a unique range of equipment that will enhance your personal training regime.

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Mirafit Dip Bars
Mirafit Dip Bars Orange Review

Mirafit Dip Bars

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Mirafit Mini Parallettes
Mirafit Mini Parallettes Review

Mirafit Mini Parallettes

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Our range of Mirafit parallettes are manufactured in different sizes and styles to cater for any individual or workout requirement. Regardless of whether you own a commercial gym or are an aspiring home user, Mirafit produce equipment that is reliable and durable so that it'll withstand any punishing workout routine.  
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