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VEGA Fitness was founded in 2019 after many years developing and creating product for global markets. With a passion for product development and health and fitness we created Vega to allow everyone to have access to great product that performs in the commercial and home markets, that suits all budgets and helps us all achieve our fitness goals. Our range of treadmills are continually refined with leading technology ensuring each model is the best on the market. The same goes for our range of weight training equipment, with budget and price being no consideration we create high quality product that is simple in design yet extremely effective.

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VEGA Fitness 100kg Rubber Bumper Plate Set with 7ft Escape Olympic Power Bar
VEGA Fitness 100kg Rubber Bumper Plate Set with 7ft Escape Olympic Power Bar Review
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VEGA Fitness Bumper Plates

VEGA fitness bumpers plates are precision made and high quality. Tested to exceed all international standards for bumper plates, these plates will give you the best possible start to your training. Made from a mix of virgin rubber and high density tough durable rubber VEGA fitness bumpers will not chip or mark. The VEGA Fitness Standard Olympic weights are some of the best in the UK. Precision made and high quality, you will be able to choose from 2.5lb to 45lb plates by 12.5lb and 25 this is more than what most other brands offer. Each weight is colour coded with numbered sides making it easier to switch them around when you are handling a large weight or when your confused and need to put them exactly on the right place! VEGA sports is the leading brand in the UK for bodybuilding gear. VEGA fitness bumper plates are precision made using virgin rubber, and solid cast iron creating long lasting durability. All VEGA bumper plates are calibrated to international standards (ISO 9001).
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