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Looking for boxing gloves and mitts? You’re in luck! Below you’ll find a variety of gloves and mitts for sale, from professional-grade to beginner-friendly. Whether you’re a beginner boxer looking for the perfect set of gloves, or an experienced fighter looking for a new set of gloves, we’ve got you covered.


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Carbon Claw PRO X ILD-7 Leather Sparring Gloves

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Hatton Sparring Gloves (Up to 8oz, 10oz,16oz) PU

Hatton Sparring Gloves (Up to 8oz, 10oz,16oz) PU

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Looking to add some boxing gloves and mitts to your glove collection? You’re in luck, because we have a wide variety of boxing gloves and mitts for sale. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced boxer, our gloves will help you improve your skills. Boxing gloves are the ideal boxing equipment, saving your hands.

Types of Boxing Gloves:

There are different types of boxing gloves for different purposes. Some gloves are designed for training, some for sparring, and others for competition. Gloves also vary in weight, size, and fit. It is important to choose the right glove for the type of training you plan to do.

The first type of boxing glove is the training glove. These gloves are typically made of vinyl or leather and are lightweight. They are designed to help you train your hand and arm muscles and improve your punching power. Training gloves come in a variety of colors and sizes.

The next type of boxing glove is the sparring glove. These gloves are made of heavier material than training gloves and have extra padding to protect your opponent’s face. They come in a variety of colors, sizes, and weights. Sparring gloves are typically used in boxing matches or competitions.

Training Boxing Gloves:

Boxing gloves are an important part of training for boxers. They protect the hands and help to absorb some of the shock from punches. Gloves come in a variety of sizes and weights, depending on the boxer’s weight and experience. Beginners should start with light gloves, while experienced boxers can use heavier gloves. Gloves also come in different colors, which can denote the weight of the glove.

Competition Boxing Gloves:

When you think of competition boxing, the first thing that comes to mind are the gloves. They are an essential piece of equipment for any competitive boxer and there are a lot of different factors that go into choosing the right pair. In this article, we will discuss the different types of gloves and what you need to look for when choosing a pair. We will also discuss how to take care of your gloves so they last as long as possible.

Amateur and Professional Boxing Gloves UK:

Boxing gloves have been around for centuries. They were used in ancient Greece and Rome to help protect the hands of fighters. Gloves continued to be used in boxing matches throughout the years. There are two types of boxing gloves-amateur and professional. Amateur gloves are typically made of leather and are smaller in size. Professional gloves are made of leather and synthetic materials and are larger in size. Gloves play an important role in protecting the hands of fighters. They help absorb impact and prevent injuries.

Boxing Mitts for sale:

Boxing mitts are a type of boxing glove that is used to protect the person wearing them while they are hitting a heavy bag or another person. They are typically made of leather and have a padded area on the front of the hand and the back of the hand. They come in a variety of sizes, depending on the weight class of the person wearing them.

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