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Speedballs is your only source for the best value speed balls available in the UK. Excellent for training in boxing, kickboxing and martial arts, these speedballs are designed to improve punching speed and accuracy. For those who want to challenge themselves with a new way to workout and train, Speedballs are an excellent choice. These professional quality speedballs are also used by coaches and trainers at many major sporting events around the world. From Dublin to Dallas, Tokyo to Tuscaloosa, Speedballs have helped thousands of athletes gain the edge on their competition with these innovative training tools.


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Hatton Speed Ball – Review & Best Price

Hatton Speed Ball – Review & Best Price

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Develop speed and accuracy with these cheap Speedball punch bags. Made for training purposes, these rubber speed balls are both durable and versatile. With a set of three in different weight variations, you can hone your punching speed no matter where you are.

The Ultimate Guide to Speed Balls for Boxing

In the world of boxing, speed and precision are paramount. To hone these skills, every boxer, from the novice to the professional, must incorporate speed balls into their training regimen. Speed balls are a crucial tool for improving hand-eye coordination, reflexes, and overall punching speed. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve deep into the world of speed balls for boxing, exploring their benefits, types, training techniques, and much more.

Understanding Speed Balls

1. What is a Speed Ball?

A speed ball, also known as a speed bag, is a small, air-filled ball usually made of leather or synthetic materials. It is attached to a platform with elastic cords. Boxers use it as a training tool to enhance their punching speed and accuracy.

2. Benefits of Speed Ball Training

  • Improved Hand-Eye Coordination: Speed ball training sharpens your ability to focus on a moving target, translating to better accuracy during fights.
  • Enhanced Reflexes: Regular practice helps boxers react swiftly to their opponent’s movements, reducing the risk of getting hit.
  • Increased Punching Speed: The repetitive nature of speed ball workouts conditions your muscles to punch faster and more efficiently.

Types of Speed Balls

3. Swivel Speed Balls

Swivel speed balls are the most common type. They hang from a swivel mechanism, allowing for rapid movement in all directions. They are perfect for beginners and advanced boxers alike.

4. Double-end Speed Balls

Double-end speed balls have elastic cords attached to both the ceiling and the floor, creating a challenging moving target. They are ideal for advanced boxers looking to refine their accuracy and timing.

5. Maize Bags

Maize bags are tear-shaped speed balls designed to simulate the movements of an opponent’s head. Training with a maize bag improves head movement and defensive skills.

Proper Speed Ball Training Techniques

6. Equipment Setup

Before you start training, ensure that your speed ball is properly inflated and securely attached to its platform. Proper setup is crucial for effective workouts. It ideal boxing equipment in one ball, a full body workout.

7. Hand Positioning

Maintain the correct hand positioning – knuckles facing the speed ball. This ensures that your punches hit the target with the right part of your fist.

8. Rhythmic Punching

Start with a steady rhythm. As you progress, increase the speed and intensity of your punches. Focus on consistent strikes.

Incorporating Speed Balls into Your Routine

9. Warm-Up

Begin your training session with a brief warm-up to prevent injuries. Jump rope or shadowboxing are great ways to prepare your body.

10. Shadowboxing with Speed Balls

Combine shadowboxing with speed ball workouts to practice your footwork and defensive maneuvers while enhancing your punching accuracy.

11. Speed Ball Drills

Create drills that include specific combinations and defensive moves. This mimics real fight scenarios and prepares you for various situations in the ring.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

12. Over-Punching

Avoid the temptation to hit the speed ball too hard. Precision and control are more important than power in speed ball training.

13. Neglecting Defense

Remember to move your head and shoulders as you strike the speed ball. Neglecting defensive movements can lead to bad habits in the ring.

14. Inconsistent Training

Consistency is key. Make speed ball training a regular part of your routine to see significant improvements in your boxing skills.


Speed balls are invaluable tools for any boxer looking to improve their speed, accuracy, and overall performance in the ring. Incorporate different types of speed balls into your training regimen, and diligently follow proper techniques to reap the maximum benefits.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Are speed balls suitable for beginners?

Absolutely! Speed balls are beneficial for boxers of all levels, including beginners. They help build a strong foundation for boxing skills.

2. How often should I practice with a speed ball?

For optimal results, aim to practice with a speed ball at least three times a week as part of your training routine.

3. Can speed ball training improve my defensive skills?

Yes, it can. Speed ball training enhances your reflexes and head movement, which are essential components of defensive boxing.

4. What type of speed ball is best for advanced boxers?

Advanced boxers often prefer double-end speed balls for their challenging nature and the opportunity to refine accuracy and timing.

5. Can speed ball training replace sparring sessions?

While speed ball training is beneficial, it should complement, not replace, sparring sessions, which provide a different kind of practice and experience.

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