JTX Sprint-9 Pro: Smart Gym Treadmill – Review, Price & Comparison

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Introducing the JTX Sprint-9 Pro: Smart Gym Treadmill, a pinnacle of innovation in home and commercial fitness. This semi-commercial powerhouse redefines the treadmill experience with a 4HP brushless motor, non-folding frame, and interactive features that set it apart. Elevate your running performance with speeds up to 22kph and a 15% power incline, all while enjoying the comfort of the CushionStep™ Pro Deck. From immersive app compatibility with Kinomap and Zwift to Polar heart rate training, the Sprint-9 Pro is a comprehensive fitness solution. Backed by a 3-year in-home warranty, it’s time to embark on a fitness journey like never before.


JTX Sprint-9 Pro: Smart Gym Treadmill

Elevate your fitness journey to new heights with the JTX Sprint-9 Pro: Smart Gym Treadmill. This semi-commercial powerhouse is designed to revolutionize your running experience, combining cutting-edge technology, durability, and performance. Unleash the full potential of your workouts with a treadmill that stands out from the rest.

JTX Sprint 9 Pro Smart Gym Treadmill

JTX Sprint 9 Pro Smart Gym Treadmill


Top-Tier Performance

  • Semi-Commercial Grade Motor: A robust 4HP brushless motor powers the treadmill, delivering an impressive top speed of 22kph. This motor ensures long-term, high-performance training and is backed by an outstanding warranty, reflecting our confidence in its durability.
  • Incline Capability: With a semi-commercial incline motor, seamlessly adjust inclines up to 15%, catering to various fitness levels and enhancing the effectiveness of your training sessions.
  • CushionStep™ Pro Deck and Fixed Frame: Experience the support of a commercial-grade treadmill with the CushionStep™ Pro deck, minimizing impact on joints. The non-folding, fixed frame accommodates a higher weight capacity (150kg) and offers superior durability.
JTX Sprint 9 Pro Smart Gym Treadmill - UK Review

JTX Sprint 9 Pro Smart Gym Treadmill – UK Review

Interactive Features

  • Advanced Bluetooth Console: Effortless navigation is at your fingertips with quick-start buttons and handlebar controls, providing complete command. The console includes 36 pre-installed workout programs, 3 custom user programs, and 3 heart rate training programs, ensuring variety and motivation.
  • App Compatibility: Connect seamlessly with Kinomap and Zwift via Bluetooth. Run routes from around the world with Kinomap and make your training fun with Zwift, which adjusts speed and incline based on virtual terrains.
  • Polar Heart Rate Training: Monitor your heart rate and optimize your workout with the built-in Polar receiver. Connect to Polar technology for detailed workout statistics and compatibility with various training apps.
  • Built-In Speaker System: Keep the energy high with your favorite music through the treadmill’s speaker system. A complimentary tablet holder is included for an immersive workout experience.

Additional Benefits

  • Free Treadmill Apps and Technology Guide: Enhance your workouts with approved apps recommended by JTX Fitness, providing a range of features to boost your progress. The guide ensures you make the most of your JTX Sprint-9 Pro.
  • Safety Features: The treadmill includes a safety key for emergency stops, prioritizing your well-being during workouts.

Warranty and Guarantee

  • 3-Year In-Home Warranty: Enjoy peace of mind with a 3-year in-home repair warranty covering all parts and labor, along with a 10-year motor and frame parts warranty.
  • 28-Day Money Back Guarantee: We believe in the excellence of our product, offering a 28-day ‘no-quibble’ returns policy. If you’re not 100% satisfied, we’ll collect your order and provide a full refund (minus collection costs).
JTX Sprint 9 Pro Smart Gym Treadmill - Deals

JTX Sprint 9 Pro Smart Gym Treadmill – Deals

Customer Reviews

  • “The JTX Sprint-9 Pro is a game-changer for serious runners. The incline feature and compatibility with Kinomap and Zwift take my training to the next level.”
  • “Impressed with the durability of the fixed frame and CushionStep™ Pro deck. It feels like I’m running on air!”
  • “The Polar heart rate training adds a personalized touch to my workouts, optimizing my cardio goals.”

GymSave Editors’ Review: JTX Sprint-9 Pro vs. Sprint-5

Feature Sprint-9 Pro Sprint-5
Motor Power 4HP Brushless Motor 2.5 HP DC Motor
Maximum Speed 22kph 18kph
Incline Capability 15% 12%
Deck Type Fixed, CushionStep™ Pro Deck Folding Deck (Folbable Treadmill)
App Compatibility Kinomap, Zwift Kinomap, Zwift
Warranty 3-Year In-Home Warranty  2-Year In-Home Warranty

What Makes the Sprint-9 Pro Stand Out: The JTX Sprint-9 Pro’s fixed frame, superior motor power, and advanced features make it the go-to choice for serious runners. Its 15% incline and compatibility with top fitness apps set it apart from the JTX Sprint-5, offering a more dynamic and immersive workout experience.

JTX Sprint 9 Pro Smart Gym Treadmill - Home Treadmill

JTX Sprint 9 Pro Smart Gym Treadmill – Home Treadmill

Pros and Cons


  1. Semi-commercial grade durability
  2. Powerful 4HP brushless motor
  3. Incline capability up to 15%
  4. Interactive features with Kinomap and Zwift
  5. Polar heart rate training for personalized workouts
  6. 3-year in-home warranty and 28-day money-back guarantee


  1. Non-folding design may require more space

Editor of GymSave Review

“The JTX Sprint-9 Pro redefines the treadmill experience with its blend of durability, performance, and interactive features. It outshines its counterpart, the Sprint-5, with a fixed frame, superior motor power, and advanced app compatibility. A solid investment for serious runners seeking top-tier performance.”

What It’s Like Owning the Sprint-9 Pro

Owning the JTX Sprint-9 Pro is a commitment to elevating your fitness journey. The powerful motor, durable construction, and interactive features make each workout a rewarding experience. The fixed frame and advanced cushioning ensure a comfortable and efficient run every time. The convenience of Bluetooth connectivity and the added tablet holder make it easy to stay motivated and engaged.

Commercial Use of the JTX Sprint-9 Pro: Smart Gym Treadmill

Unlock the full potential of your commercial fitness space with the JTX Sprint-9 Pro: Smart Gym Treadmill. Designed for the rigors of a bustling gym environment, this commercial treadmill offers unparalleled durability, advanced features, and a top-tier performance that will elevate your gym to new heights.

Benefits for Gym Owners:

Feature Commercial Advantage
Durability Ensure Long-Term Reliability for Continuous Daily Use
High-Performance Motor Handle Heavy Traffic with Confidence
Interactive Features Attract and Retain Members with Engaging Workouts
Incline Capability Cater to Diverse Fitness Levels, Enhancing User Satisfaction
CushionStep™ Pro Deck Minimize Equipment Wear and Maximize Member Comfort
App Compatibility Offer Cutting-Edge Technology for a Modern Fitness Experience

Commercial Advantage:

  1. Durable for Heavy Traffic: The JTX Sprint-9 Pro’s commercial treadmill design ensures it stands up to the demands of a busy gym, providing a reliable workout option for members day after day.
  2. High-Performance Motor: The 4HP brushless motor guarantees consistent and powerful performance, handling the heavy traffic of a commercial setting effortlessly.
  3. Engaging Interactive Features: Gym owners can attract and retain members by offering an immersive workout experience. The JTX Sprint-9 Pro’s compatibility with Kinomap and Zwift keeps workouts exciting and members engaged.

Enhance your gym’s offerings with the JTX Sprint-9 Pro: Smart Gym Treadmill, a commercial treadmill that goes beyond the ordinary, ensuring both your gym and members experience the future of fitness. Elevate your facility with top-tier equipment designed for commercial success.


The JTX Sprint-9 Pro: Smart Gym Treadmill is more than just a piece of equipment; it’s a game-changer in the world of home fitness. Elevate your running experience with its semi-commercial construction, powerful motor, and interactive features. Backed by a comprehensive warranty and a 28-day money-back guarantee, the Sprint-9 Pro is a testament to JTX Fitness’ commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

JTX Sprint-9 Pro: Smart Gym Treadmill
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