Mirafit 3pce Kettlebell Weight Set with Stand (Total 30lbs)

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The Mirafit 3 piece Vinyl Kettlebell Set & Stand really is great value as you get 3 kettlebells and a stand for a cheaper price than it would be to buy all 3 separately. If you are looking for alternative weights, and want to challenge yourself then this is an ideal solution. The only thing that could be improved is the paint, which does scratch off a little too easily.


Mirafit 3pce Kettlebell Weight Set with Stand (Total 30lbs) Review

Introducing Mirafit’s 3 piece kettlebell weight set with stand (total 30lbs). Our three piece kettlebell sets are ideal for taking your strength training to the next level. All weights are accurately marked in pounds. The 5lb and 10lb weights each have a unique, easy to grip handle shape. Encased in hand-knurled vinyl, each handle reduces slippage. This revolutionary design allows for a more secure grip and increases safety during lifts. Our 15lb weight features.

The next level in kettlebell sport training is here, thanks to Mirafit. Our three piece kettlebell sets are ideal for taking your strength training to the next level. Each set includes 5lb, 10lb and 15lb weights with storage stand. Please note: the weights printed on these kettlebells are in pounds NOT kilograms.

How to get the most out of your 3 piece Mirafit kettlebell set:
1. Find a wall that you can lean against
2. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and knees slightly bent
3. Grab the 10lb weight in one hand, with the heavier weight towards you, and the lighter weight on top
4. Engage your core, pushing your hips backward just before you swing backwards, then propel forward through your hips as you swing upwards, remembering to keep your elbow close to.

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The 3 piece Mirafit Kettlebell Weight Set with stand is the ideal way to take your strength and conditioning training to a whole new level. The kettlebells are designed for both men and women and are suitable for all levels of ability as you can start off light and move up as you get stronger. Each kettlebell weight is easy to grip so you can do it comfortably without straining your wrists or hands. Since each kettlebell has an overhead handle, they can be used for a huge variety of exercises from walking lunges, lifting on your toes, squatting and muscle ups. As part of our Mirafit range, these kettlebell weights will be made to the highest standard with durable steel handles and heavy duty vinyl coating that prevents rusting. They feature a handy tally counter which makes it easy to keep track of how many repetitions you’ve done at any given time. This feature also enables you to keep track of your progress by seeing how much you’ve increased on various lifts in the past. This 3 piece kettlebell set comes with an easy-to-store stand that’s convenient for keeping these weights in one place. Not only will this stand allow you to store your weights in a safe space but it also helps.

Training with kettlebells has many benefits and is becoming increasingly popular. In order to get the best from your training you will need to choose a set of kettle bells that are suitable for your specific goal. Kettle bells are available in various weights which can be confusing for beginners. Mirafit provide very clear and helpful information about their products on their website along with a tool that helps you decide which kettle bell set is best for you. If the Mirafit Kettle Bell 3 piece weight set with stand is the right one for you then you should press BUY NOW button above!

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Mirafit 3 Piece Vinyl Kettlebell Set & Stand

Looking for a Mirafit 3pce Kettlebell Weight Set with Stand (Total 30lbs)? Now there are a lot of wordpress luxury that come into your sights. The exact same as each person, you are looking to obtain the maximum benefit inside your internet shopping. Because of that, we advise you examine our review carefully to create true smart buy decision.

Measurements:5Lb Kettlebell – W: 17cm X D: 13.5cm X H: 18.5cms10Lb Kettlebell – W: 18cm X D: 16.5cm X H: 22.5cms15Lb Kettlebell – W: 19.5cm X D: 20cm X H: 24.5cmsStorage stand – W: 51.5cm X D: 21.5cm X H: 4cms.

1. These come with a storage stand, which we think is pretty awesome.

2. They are super heavy duty, which we think is pretty awesome, too.

3. The weights are in pounds, and not kilograms…which may or may not be awesome for you.

4. With these kettlebells, you can perform different exercises to varying degrees of intensity; improving your strength and endurance with every session, which we think is pretty darn awesome!

Mirafit 3 piece vinyl kettlebell set is ideal for taking your strength training to the next level. These kettlebells are a great tool for increasing core strength and can be used not only for working the arms and legs, but also back and abs. The easy grip handles make them comfortable to use so you can make full use of your workout. The weight range is good and will allow you to increase up in small increments depending on how much weight you prefer to lift. Adding kettlebells to your workout schedule allows you to continue to challenge yourself as your body gets stronger.

The Mirafit kettlebell set includes three different sized kettlebells that are excellent for working out your arms, legs, back and abs. The kettlebells can be used by both men and women as they are easy to grip and do not slip from your hands when you are exercising. The storage stand keeps the kettlebells together and tidy when not in use. The kettlebells have a smooth surface that is easy to clean making it convenient to maintain. The kettlebell set is ideal for taking your strength training to the next level. If you are serious about exercising these are ideal for you as they will help tone and burn fat.

Mirafit 3pce Kettlebell Weight Set with Stand (Total 30lbs) are made of high quality rubber with adjustable non-slip grip handles to ensure a secure fit in your hands while you work out. The extra thick rubber kettlebells have a flat base to reduce the risk of toppling over.


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