Mirafit Glute Bench

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The Mirafit Glute Bench is our top pick because it’s versatile and is best suited to most people. The 60cm x 45cm high model is ideal for barbell squatting and is also great as leg press bench. It may not be as efficient as a dedicated preacher curl bench but if you use dumbells it will still provide adequate support even though the feet don’t have contact with the ground. If space isn’t an issue then we recommend getting the 100cm wide model instead.


The Mirafit Glute Bench can be used for a variety of exercises from push ups to glute raises, and will help you build a firm and shapely rear end. Made from EPE foam, they provide a stable surface while the anti slip layer on the base ensures the bench stays in position while you train.

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With a multi-purpose design, Mirafit Glute Benches can be used for a variety of exercises from push ups to glute raises. They provide extra comfort while you train and the non-slip base ensures the bench stays in place while you exercise. A sprung steel structure and EPE foam filling ensures the benches are sturdy and stable, so you can concentrate on your exercise without worrying about instability or wobbling around.

Mirafit Hip Thrust Bench - 100 x 45cm
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Mirafit Hip Thrust Bench - 60 x 45cm
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Mirafit Glute Benches are perfect for your home gym. The benches come with a build in handle and free weight rack, so you don’t have to worry about buying them separately. The ball socket connection at the base makes sure that the benches can rock back and forth making it easy to adjust yourself into position for perfection. The bench is made from EPE foam, providing a stable surface for all body types. This anti slip layer on the base make the benches stay in position while you train.

The Mirafit Glute Bench is designed to safely help you train your glutes. Whether you are a beginner or expert, both men and women can use this bench for a variety of exercises including glute raises and push-ups. The ergonomic design ensures a stable surface while the anti slip layer on the base ensures the bench stays in position during your training session. Mirafit Glute Benches are high quality EPE foam benches with a non slip rubber base. They provide a stable and cushioning surface for performing push ups, sit ups, and glute raises. Mirafit benches are used at home or in the gym. The Mirafit Anti Slip Glute Bench is the perfect addition to any gym. It is designed for those looking for a full body, high intensity workout with a versatile design that can be used for a variety of exercises from push ups to glute raises.

  • Mirafit Glute Bench
  • Available in a choice of size:
    • 60cm x 45cm bench
    • 100cm x 45cm bench
  • Provides an ideal platform for Glute exercises
  • Multi purpose design is also suitable for various other exercises
  • Large model is long enough for basic weight training exercises such as dumbbell chest press and flys
  • Stacking design makes these benches easy to store away when not in use – ideal for studios or where space is limited
  • Anti-slip base to prevent the bench slipping on the floor
  • Made from durable EPE foam with a non skid PVC cover
  • Easily wipes clean

The Mirafit Glute Bench is a multi purpose training bench that offers a stable platform for all types of resistance training movements including squats, hip raises, plyometric and multi directional exercises. The bench can be folded away when not in use, allowing you to easily store it. Constructed from EPE foam and providing a non slip surface with an anti slip base, the glute bench allows you to train on your terms without hindering your training goals. Mirafit Glute Benches are an essential piece of kit for anyone looking to build muscle in their glutes and improve stability and balance. This piece of equipment is simple to use with a robust design which offers an almost limitless scope of exercises to help you achieve your goals. With 6 levels of instability, you can choose the level that best matches your requirement.

Mirafit Glute Bench Review

In this Mirafit Glute Bench Review, we will look deeply into the pros, cons, and all details surrounding this product. We will take a deep look at price, build quality, design, and performance. If you are looking for the Mirafit Glute Bench to buy, then I would advise you to continue reading this Mirafit Glute Bench review.

Mirafit is one of the most recognized brands in the world of home workout equipment. The glute bench is a great addition to anyone’s home gym, and we are going to give you all of the information you need to make an informed decision about this product. Mirafit is a high-quality fitness equipment company that offers one of the best glute benches on the market. This offers you the ability to perform myriad training functions, which makes it very versatile for both beginners and advanced users. In this article, we’ll be going over some of the features that make this such a great piece of equipment and see whether or not it’s worth your money. I am a big fan of bodyweight training. You can take it with you to the gym or use it at home by simply doing push-ups, pull-ups and ab crunches. However, there is one more thing that I do absolutely love when it comes to working out – this is the Mirafit Glute/Leg/Lower Back & Ab/Core Bench – I find this product to be absolutely amazing!

Mirafit is the leader in gluteus maximus developer and shaping equipment. Their latest addition is a mean machine: the MiraFit Glute-Maximizer Bench. This new bench is a crowd pleaser because it is loaded with technology and design features. Here’s my overview of this piece of equipment for your customer to read about! The Mirafit Glute Bench is a must-have piece of equipment for anyone that is serious about working out. It’s well designed, sturdy yet efficient, and upon using it for the first time you’ll be beyond shocked at how effective the experience really is. The only regret you will have is that you didn’t make the purchase sooner.

You will find few reviews regarding the Mirafit Glute Bench, but those that you do find are overwhelmingly positive. That is how we discovered this bench and decided to review it. The Mirafit Glute Bench is a fairly small bench that you can use at home to primarily work your upper body, but also your lower body. If you can use a trap bar, then you can also use this glute bench. The Mirafit Glute Bench is a high-quality piece of equipment that is reliable and very easy to use. The build quality is great and the storage size makes it perfect for people with not much room to spare. The hinge system works smoothly and doesn’t break like some competitors do.

All in all, the Mirafit Glute Bench is a pretty solid bench for anyone looking for one. It’s well constructed, it works well, and it has an affordable price tag. Plus, if you end up liking it there are plenty of customization options that can be added on later down the road. If a good glute bench is something you’ve been looking for, then I would highly recommend giving this one a try. If you’re looking for a solid, metal glute bench at a decent price, the Mirafit Glute Bench is certainly worth considering. The Mirafit is my go-to glute bench. Highly adjustable, comfortable, and affordable, this is a glute machine I can recommend without reservations.

Mirafit Glute Bench Specification

At under 2.3 kg, the Mirafit Glute Bench is designed for maximum comfort and portability. Training with this bench accelerates the results of glute training exercises such as squats and hip thrusts by making your workouts more efficient while reducing fatigue.

Mirafit Glute Benches have been designed to provide a stable training platform while being lightweight and portable. Great to use with other pieces of equipment such as squats or benches, they can be used with either dumbbells or free weights. No assembly required, simply unfold and start your workout.

Mirafit Glute Bench Bridge

Mirafit Glute Bench Bridge is really a thing that will include all of your needs. It’s possible to purchase it directly on Amazon at an excellent price. Mirafit Glute Bench Bridge will quickly supply you with comfort and safety while using it. One of the top qualities is the price. There are lots of different models available, but this one is particularly in demand. The design is modern, stylish and special. You are able to store it simple because the structure is super easy and quick to use. A few people think the design, but most owners love this product and they highly recommend getting it.

The Mirafitt Glute Bench Bridge is a great product that can be used by just about anyone, regardless of fitness level or athletic ability. Even when I was injured and could not lift weights, I was able to use this bench as part of my workout. The construction is great, and it really does help you build stronger glutes. The Mirafit glute bridge is a sturdy tool to aid in strengthening the glutes and lower back during workouts. While it is best used during lower body routines, it can be incorporated into any workout program to help build an overall strong, toned core. The Mirafit bridge has multiple grip options, made of comfortable foam, and is easy to use.

The Mirafit Glute Bridge is an excellent resistance exercise equipment. All the parts are strong and dependable. The equipment targets a number of muscle groups in a unique way and will force your body to work together as one for a great workout. The Mirafit Glute Bridge is a versatile tool that will allow you to perform the glute bridge exercise with maximum comfort and stability. While it can be used on any floor surface in your home or gym, it’s main selling points are space-saving portability, ease of assembly and disassembly, and ability to grip securely onto almost any hard flooring surface. In addition to its many uses, the author also praises it for its versatility as well. Overall, this is a quality piece of equipment that will be useful for several different workout routines.

If you haven’t heard, glute bridges are one of the best exercises to develop incredible glutes. But if you are like me and don’t have any access to a glute bridge, you can make your own using a simple bench! I would recommend this product to someone training their glutes with less experienced levels. It’s a product that has a solid steel frame and is stable for most users, especially when compared to others in the price range. The padded seat and back are thick enough so I could feel them slightly but wasn’t making my skin itch. Lastly, the adjustable positioning of the foot pad is great for range of motion.

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