Mirafit Interlocking Floor Mats

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The Mirafit interlocking gym floor mats are designed specifically for aerobics and physical activities in the home or commercial gym use. Every interlocking mat features a tough, high-density EVA foam outer shell and high-traction inner surface to create a durable and anti-slip shock resistant flooring solution.

Mirafit Foam Interlocking Gym Mats

Mirafit interlocking floor mats offer high-quality with a great price tag and the customer service to back it up. Perfect for home gyms or commercial studios alike, Mirafit foam mats offer superior noise reduction and impact absorption in order to keep your clients safe, comfortable and motivated.

Mirafit mats are well known for the high quality of their equipment, so it is no surprise that their range of Interlocking Floor Mats has been met with a positive reaction from many gyms. This equipment set can provide great savings on gym flooring, but how well do they work?

Mirafit Interlocking Floor Mats Review

We review these foam interlocking gym floor mats from Mirafit. These Mirafit interlocking floor mats are ideal to cover the floor of your gym to enable you protect your floor from weight drops and bumps.

Are you looking for a heavy duty foam floor mat to cover your floor? We review the Mirafit interlocking foam mats can be fitted together to cover large areas of different surface types. The foam flooring is ideal for gyms and other places where you need to protect the floor from dropping weights and slamming down on the ground. The Mirafit interlocking foam mats are the ideal item to cover your flooring in your home gym, garage gym or any other training space. If you have plywood load bearing walls, these foam mats are necessary for protecting your floor form damage. Whether you are a newbie or experienced lifter, these non-slip interlocking mats are designed to cater to all your training requirements. These mat can be easily placed together to form a custom size. The good thing is that they come in interlocking design which means they will fit perfectly with each other.

When you are in the process of setting up your home or gym, you will want to buy equipment that can help protect your floor as much as possible. Floor mats are one of the great ways to protect your floor. You also get a lot of benefits if you have well laid floor mats in your gym. This is why I’m introducing you to this detailed review of Mirafit interlocking floor mats.

1. The high density black 12mm Eva foam is ideal for placing equipment such as motivational signage and painting/canvas goods
2. The non slip, textured surface helps to prevent items from slipping out of place and moving
3. A great way of covering unattractive floors as well as insulation of cold, hard flooring and noise in colder months
4. Interlocking, jigsaw style quickly and easily connects together for hassle free installation
5. Gym flooring helps to reduce noise and bumps

A combination of high-quality polyurethane foam and hard wearing, specially formulated PVC makes the Mirafit interlocking floor mats ideal for weightlifters to use when lifting weights. The intertwined texture of the mat surface provides a non-slip surface and reduces impact on your joints while preventing sweat build up that can cause slip accidents.

1. These mats are designed to absorb shock, protecting your floor and equipment
2. They come highly recommended for gyms and homes
3. They are high density, making them very durable and long lasting
4. They are the perfect addition to any home, gym or garage
5. Mirafit stands behind their product with a 6 month warranty and friendly customer service
6. Order today to get a discount!

Interlocking Gym Mats UK

Concerned about your floor? We certainly were when we got Mirafit interlocking gym mats from Interlocking Gym Mats UK . These foam mats enable you to protect your floor while exercising. They feature anti-slip surfaces and come with a variety of different colours to match your needs.

This gym flooring from Mirafit contains an interlocking mat from 3mm and 6mm Phenolic foam. This helps to prevent any cracking of the material from regular use. These interlocking floor mats are installed easily. They are very light and easy to move once installed as well.

Mirafit are a well-established company with an extensive range of gym equipment in their arsenal. Their Interlocking gym mats come with a 25 year warranty which shows the confidence that Mirafit have in the mats’ quality.

These interlocking matting are available in 4 different colours – blue, red, green and yellow. The mats come flat packed but assembly is easy. The size of each mat is 3 x 3 m (9 ft. x 9 ft.) and the thickness is 25 mm (1 inch). The material used in these Mirafit foam mats is closed cell PE foam which have shock absorbing properties and at the same time absorbing sweat and keeping then floor dry and hygienic.

Let’s face it: When you’re working hard at the gym, you cannot afford to have your gear and equipment damaged by drops or bumps on the floor. Intex and other home interlocking mats have their place but they’re not sufficient for a constantly busy fitness center. Yes, you could install a wholly tiled surface to get fully out of harm’s way, but that would be an expensive piece to lug around from one place to another and the result would be very heavy. Not only is this interlocking foam flooring much lighter in weight, it’s also a lot more budget friendly than tiles and gives you a really good grip too, thanks to its dimpled surface.

Interlocking Gym Mats Argos Vs Mirafit

In this article, we will look at two of the leading brands when deciding which Interlocking Gym Mats Argos Vs Mirafit is better. Both products offer similar quality and excel in a very specific area -they provide great durability. Mainly I think that the major difference is that Mirafit has the edge over Argos as they do not become hard underneath as easily and are just more comfortable to use.

As a fitness trainer, I get asked to recommend gym equipment all the time. You see, I’m one of those annoying people who likes to share their opinions (or rather, I like to avoid being tarred and feathered). And like many of you, I don’t want to take months researching multiple products before making a decision. Fortunately for you, I’ve already done that for you. So you can save time, skip the hassle and read my straightforward comparison between Interlocking Gym Mats Argos vs Mirafit.

The market for gym mats is huge and growing rapidly. Now it’s not only the important thing to have in an exercise center but it is also an essential piece of equipment for any sports club as well. Naturally this gives you a wide variety of products to choose from, including different prices and popularity of each one. I will introduce you to two suppliers of these interlocking gym mats Argos vs Mirafit.

If you’re in the market for the best interlocking gym mats, then you need to know just what the difference between each of the top models out there. There’s a lot of information to consider when deciding to buy these and it can be overwhelming. Current research shows that it’s common for customers to feel this way. A great way to approach your purchase is to narrow down your options and compare two similar products, and once you feel like you have a good idea of how things work, then you can decide from there. This article will help by comparing one on the top of most lists, the Mirafit PB 5000, and a lower price alternative, the Argos 20133753 which is also known as Gymmat C200.

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