Mirafit Jammer Arms

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Mirafit Jammer Arms The Mirafit jammer arms offer a fun way to achieve a full body workout while also allowing you to work on improving your form and even your flexibility. With the ability to vary the height of the arms, you are able to perform over head press, dips and triceps extensions according to your own requirements, rather than those set by someone else.


The Mirafit Jammer Arms are a 3″ pair of arms, made especially for the Mirafit gym range. The Jammer Arms aid training by offering an extra attachment point as well as ensure your usual spotters/partners will never be out of place.

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These adjustable training arms provide an easy way to change up your workout. They are compatible with all Mirafit rigs and racks and are built with a level of durability that’s second to none. Mirafit Jammer Arms are an essential piece of your training program. Whether you’re looking to change things up in your next workout or need to replace some worn-out equipment, the Mirafit Jammer Arms offer an endless amount of training options. The adjustable Jammer Arms can be used with all Mirafit rigs & racks.

Mirafit Adjustable Jammer Arms Review

Have you ever wished that you could use your Mirafit power cage or rig (Rogue R-6, Sorinex Europa) for more than just bench pressing? The Mirajit Adjustable Jammer Arms were designed to increase the utility of Rogue and Sorinex rigs. Since Sorinex makes a wide variety of rigs and Rogue doesn’t make all the possible attachments for their power cages, its unlikely that you’ll be able to use the jammer arms with those rigs.

Mirafit adjustable jammer arms are an innovative method for extending the use of any Mirafit power cage or rig. By clamping on to these arms, athletes can change the height and angle of their pull-up bars for thousands of different exercise variations.

The Mirafit Jammer Arms offer an endless amount of training options.

The Mirafit Jammer Arms offer an endless amount of training options as a power rack accessory. They are designed to offer you the complete gym workout experience, allowing you to get fit with these innovative and creative machines. These are the same quality arms that Mirafit has been using in their clubs, gyms and personal home gyms. They have exceptional stability due to the built-in jacobs ladders and great adjustability due to the telescopic design. Another plus: they can be easily moved to different locations, because they’re portable as well. The Jammer Arms from Mirafit are a must-have for serious exercisers!

With the Mirafit Jammer Arms, you can get a total body workout. You’ll experience an upper body and lower body workout with your arms and abs at the same time! It doesn’t matter if you’re short on time, or have limited space – the Mirafit Jammer Arms are compact and portable, so you’ll always have the best workout option available.With six different types of exercises and 40 possible variation, you can get a complete upper body workout in less than half an hour! The Mirafit Jammer Arms are a great way to continually challenge your muscles – which is important to keep your body in the best shape possible that way. Plus it doesn’t take up a lot of room either.

The adjustable Jammer Arms are compatible with all Mirafit rigs & racks

The Mirafit adjustable Jammer Arms are compatible with all Mirafit rigs & racks. Use them to connect your Mirafit Gym home fitness system to tiered benches, tables or other equipment to achieve better workouts. The durable rubber-coated Jammer Arms work with a range of height adjustments for an ideal position for each exercise. They fit around any equipment with a diameter up to 30 cm, combine several adjustable arms for more versatile training and stack weights on the end of each Jammer Arm handle (not included) for enhanced dumbbell-like workouts. Includes: Two Jammer Arms Two hex wrenches.

Mirafit adjustable Jammer Arms are perfect for using in your CrossFit, home gym or commercial-style box. They allow you to adjust the width of the arms to suit your needs and can be used in various squatting, lunging and pressing exercises.

Whether you’re an old hand or a young whippersnapper, it’s very likely that you’ve either used a Mirafit arm or know of someone who has. Mirafit make some of the strongest and most durable arm solutions on the planet and have long been the choice of professional gym owners around the globe. In fact, they’ve become so popular at the end of weighted chin-ups that they’re almost as sought-after as pec decs.

Mirafit Jammer Arms allows you to adjust the arms to suit your preferred training height for overhead press, dips, arm curls, tricep extensions and much more – Read our Review

Mirafit Jammer Arms – Adjustable Dip Bars for Powerlifting and Bodybuilding By Leon Torcasio on November 17, 2016 In home gym reviews It’s no secret that you can build a solid upper body with the humble dip. The list is practically endless on what you can achieve by implementing dips in your workout program. But there’s one major problem with the old-school dip bars … they aren’t adjustable! The bars are fixed in place at a set height which means if you’re 6’2″ tall, your ideal starting position will be around 13 inches above foot bar position to your shoulders where you rest your hands. And if you’re my friend who’s only 5’3″ tall, even when using blocks under the dip bars to give his hands more room (approx 2″ between shoulder and bar), he was still prone to getting shoulder strain during the negative rep portion of his sets. You see, a lot of people have barely enough range of motion when it comes to overhead movements because of their tight shoulders. But there are things you can do about it!

Whether you’re goal is to build muscle or burn fat, the Mirafit Jammer Arms can help you achieve your desired outcome. Not only this, but you’ll be able to workout more efficiently as it can increase your workout space.

Pro’s and Con’s of the Mirafit Jammer Arms

It’s an old adage that you can’t please everyone; there will always be those who love what you do, and those who hate it. This is true when it comes to fitness equipment – the Mirafit Jammer Arms is no exception. That said, let me take a look at both the positive and negative feedback that this piece of kit has garnered in recent times.

Pro’s and Con’s of the Mirafit Jammer Arms


  • Adjustable height
  • Easy to fit in a small place


  • More expensive than normal arms


Mirafit Jammer Arms allows you to adjust the arms to suit your preferred training height for overhead press, dips, arm curls, tricep extensions and much more. The Mirafit range of exercise equipment is widely recognised as being some of the highest quality equipment available on the market today.

The Mirafit Jammer Arms allows you to adjust the arms to suit your preferred training height for overhead press, dips, arm curls, tricep extensions and much more. The adjustable height allows you to work on specific parts of your body and get a great full body workout. It is comprised of heavy duty all steel construction, which means it can withstand extensive amounts of weight.

Mirafit have really done their homework when designing the Jammer arms. They are not the standard telescopic arms. All the joints are controlled by a pneumatic pin allowing for smooth and silent movement. The unit sits on the rack base similar to a bench press, giving you plenty of stability and room to work with.



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