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The Mirafit Quarter Power Rack is the ideal choice for anyone looking to perform a range of exercises including squat, bench press and pull ups. The adjustable design comes complete with UHMW lined J-Cups and optional safety spotters are available as an optional extra. Mirafit racks are engineered to be safe, reliable and sturdy products.


One of the fundamental aspects of a good gym is that it should accommodate for all types of people. Mirafit Quarter Rack does just that. With its variable height adjustable J-Hooks and flat, wide benching surface, it provides a multitude of exercises for many different muscle groups. This means you can get in shape regardless of your fitness type or preferred exercise type.

Up until now, Mirafit have been known as the go-to brand for power racks in the home gym industry. They’ve been manufacturing high-quality products for years, and are now expanding their reach by crafting top-notch accessories for your home gym — Mirafit Quarter Rack being one of them.

The Mirafit Quarter Rack enables you to perform a large range of exercises, including; squats, lunges, bench press, curls, push-ups and Russian twists. Combine this with the optional attachments available for purchase and your home gym will be transformed into your very own 24/7 fitness centre!

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Mirafit Quarter Rack In this Mirafit quarter rack review we will talk about what we think is right and wrong with the Mirafit Quarter Rack, we take a look at how well it's been Thought out, how sturdy it is and some of the issues that come with it. The Mirafit Quarter Rack is a great fitness piece of equipment, designed for home / garage use. Its low cost and ease of assembly are both welcome features for the home user as well as strength athlete.
  • A quick easy adjustable rack for any home gym.
  • Affordable price for the quality of workout you get.
  • Comes with 1, 2 or 3 tier configuration.
  • It takes up a lot of space in your home office.
  • You must add your own weights and bench, not included.

Mirafit Quarter Rack: Ideal for barbell workouts

The Mirafit Quarter Squat Rack is ideal for barbell workouts and takes up minimal space. Made of steel with a powder-coated finish, this rack can hold up to 300 pounds, has a 400-pound capacity, and adjusts from 11 to 17 inches in height. Ideal for home gyms and offering easy space-saving storage, this rack is a great addition to any workout space.

A unique solution to save space and allow you to change your workout. By simply attaching the T-Bars, you can easily change barbell exercises and refine your workout routines. A large weight capacity of 160 kg (353 lb.) accommodates even the most intensive training sessions. The Mirafit Quarter Squat Rack is suitable for both beginners and advanced users.

Free standing steel frame

The Mirafit Quarter Rack (Mirror) is a free standing steel frame Squat rack which comes with a high quality J-hook safety system and 2000KG x 1.5mtr rated barbell support. It can take weights up to 150kg and is one of the strongest type of squat rack in the UK and is able to take super heavy weights. The flexibility and adjustability of the Mirafit means that it is suitable for use with Olympic bars, powerlifting bars and even the very latest Nautilus Bars. This squat rack offers total stability and will never wobble making it perfect for heavy lifting.

Perfect for your home gym, the high specification Mirafit Quarter Squat Rack uses a free-standing steel frame which gives total stability, and is able to take super heavy weights. Three height adjustable solid iron weight horns are included. The 42mm posts and j-hooks are electro-welded, meaning they are practically unbreakable. The 7 position adjustable bar catches and spider offers unbeatable stability.

Fully height adjustable

Our fully height adjustable Mirafit Quater Power Rack is ideal if you are 6ft and taller, so you can adjust the height of the rack to suit your individual squatting, deadlifting or bench press height. (Mirafit bars, weights and plates required). The quality build of this quarter rack will out perform cheaper racks on the market, with a sliding barbell clamps for bench press options, solid steel framework and safety catches for complete confidence.

Use the Mirafit Quarter Rack to improve your squatting and deadlifts. Simple step-up values allow you to adjust the height of the rack so you can train all heights of squats. Made from durable steel, the fully height adjustable Stackable Rack is designed for homes and commercial gyms.

Adjustable safety bars

With its adjustable safety bars, the Mirafit Quarter Power Rack enables safe lifts without the need for a spotter. The bonus roll pin allows you to use your own collars or safety bars that fit standard 1″ power racks.

Increase your power rack strength while also adding safety with the Mirafit Quarter Power Rack. The six-position, adjustable safety bars allow customized space between lifters and weight, creating a safer environment for weight training. Adjustable pin height allows full range of motion in this stylish rack. Mirafit Quarter Power Rack is a 4ft. tall rack with adjustable safety bars, powder coated steel frame and a 1 in. diameter pull-up bar. The Quarter rack is designed to fit anywhere, giving you the ultimate home or garage gym. Mirafit’s polyurethane bushings isolate & protect the main support beams from lifting forces so you can focus on your exercise intensity without sacrificing technique!

Hook up the Mirafit Quarter Power Rack with safety bars, and you’ll be ready to take on a variety of strength training exercises. You can build muscle, burn fat, and strengthen your core as you perform squats, lunges, push-ups, chin-ups and power cleans.

Mirafit’s Quarter Power Rack with adjustable safety bars is one of the smallest power racks on the market. It features four 2″ x 4″ 11-Gauge Steel Uprights and 17 Adjustable Positions for squats and bench presses. Its compact size makes it perfect for home use or small workout areas where space is limited. This rack has a 350-Pound Weight Capacity, Includes weight plate storage posts, Safety Catch Bar and easy to use dual pin abutments.

Straight uprights

The Mirafit Quarter Power Rack with Straight uprights is a top choice when it comes to power racks. This power rack can hold up to 300 pounds and offers innovative features such as straight uprights that enable safe and stable lifts, a quarter squat station, and a lower pulley system.

Mirafit Quarter Power Rack with Straight Uprights delivers the power rack benefits you need to succeed in your weight training, but without the bulk of an oversized unit. It gives you plenty of room to move and grow, with a maximum user capacity of up to 300 lbs. The straight uprights provide safe and stable lifts thanks to their upright bar proximity.

The Mirafit Quarter Rack is a versatile training tool that will get you in shape.

The Mirafit Quarter Rack is a versatile training tool that will get you in shape. The rack’s simple, space saving design allows you to focus on your workout while making it easy to store. The Mirafit Quarter Rack is compatible with most weight plates and bars, so you can create your own exercise program or use the one of your choice. The rack also fits onto most existing cable machines found at a local gym. The rack itself is made out of steel and the high density foam pad comes in two pieces that fit onto either side to protect your flooring. You can even paint it to match your house or decor. Built by a team of athletes, coaches and athletes, it’s easy to see why the racks are built to last and backed by a Lifetime Warranty against manufacturer defects

Mirafit Quarter Rack Review

In this review we go through the pro’s and con’s of the quarter rack from Mirafit. We talk about the features, the build quality and what is included in the package. Mirafit has really created a beautiful squat rack here with their quarter rack. It is a little smaller for those who have limited space, or just don’t need the bigger counterpart. This thing is built like a tank and should last you for years of use if you take care of it.

Choosing a squat rack for your home gym is always a tough choice. But does the Mirafit Quarter Rack deliver value for money? The Mirafit quarter rack is a compact squat stand, which aims to give you plenty of space inside the uprights. Ideal if you want to perform squats, bench press and military presses.


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