Mirafit Ceiling Pull Up Bar

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The Mirafit ceiling mounted chin up bar is made of steel enabling even the biggest guys can use it to do chin ups and pull ups. Forget about mounting it to a door for your home gym- mount it to your ceiling instead!

A perfect solution for your home gym, this celing mounted pull up bar from Mirafit is a solid and safe chin up bar. The 3-way mounting system allows you to aim the bar towards your most comfortable angle. Using this celing mounted chin up bar will help you add more variety to your workout routine and build strength in the area of your body that is most neglected. Designed by experts, this product is sure to meet your expectations!

The Mirafit ceiling mounted chin up bar is very easy to install, with a secure fit. It can be fitted to both T-bar and masonry thickness ceilings. This multi-grip chin up bar has multiple gripping positions to target different muscle groups and give you the results you want; biceps, triceps, lats, abs and core all in one.

Mirafit celing mounted pull up and chin up bars are the ideal way to build strength and muscle at home. They’re challenging, excellent for building your back, shoulders and biceps, and can be easily installed in any door frame.


1. Grip strength
2. Core strength
3. Upper body muscles
4. Better posture
5. Increased stamina and fitness

Mirafit Ceiling Pull Up Bar Review

Strength training is one of the best ways to improve your fitness and health, for both men and women. You can do it in the comfort of your own home with a range of easy to install products like the Mirafit ceiling mounted pull up bar. There are numerous benefits to owning a pull-up bar, like the fact they are a convenient way to exercise whenever you want, building your strength and endurance, increasing your ability to lift weights, as well as helping you gain lean muscles. The Mirafit Pull Up Bar is made by hand craftsmanship and is uniquely designed so that you can effortlessly use it as a heavy duty chin up bar as well as a dip station. This made with steel which means every single component used is incredibly durable and also able to withstand even the heaviest users.

We’ve found some great things about the Mirafit Ceiling Mounted Pull Up Bars. For example, they’re challenging and excellent for building your back, shoulders and biceps. Whether you want to perfect your form as well as strengthen your grip, or build muscle mass, they can help you do all this. The product is also extremely durable and made of high-grade steel enabling even the biggest guys can use it to do chin ups and pull ups. It can be installed in a matter of minutes without any hassle by following the guidance provided in the manual.

Mirafit Ceiling Pull Up Bar Specifications

-Perfect for pull ups & chin ups
-Hit multiple muscle groups with 1 piece of equipment
-32mm main cross bar
-25mm handles
-Includes fixings
-Please note: tools required for assembly are not included.


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