Mirafit Rack Mounted Cable Pulley Machine

The Mirafit Rack Mounted Cable Pulley Machine is a great addition to home gym enthusiasts looking for an easy way to add cable weight training to their routine. This machine makes it easy to attach and remove the weight plates, making it perfect for those who want to mix up their workouts. The machine also allows you to adjust the tension on the cables, which allows you to target different muscle groups.


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The Mirafit Wall or Rack Mounted Cable Pulley Machine has been designed and built to the highest quality standards. With 17 adjustment levels and dual pulleys it allows a wide range of cable exercises to be performed with minimum footprint and maximum effectiveness.

Experience the freedom and control that the Mirafit Cable Pulley Machine offers. This compact, versatile and professional piece of equipment is easy to set up in almost any environment and offers few compromises whether it’s used for personal training or for a large class. The low-rise frame is positioned just above the floor and out of the way when not in use. With its unique design, this high performance machine can be situated against a wall or bolted to the Mirafit M3 Power Rack for a seamless look in your training area. The high quality pulleys are 17 cm (approx 7 inches) apart and can be adjusted to seventeen levels using an individual adjusting knob. You can perform a range of exercises with just one machine, at home or at your nearest gym such as lat pull down, chin ups, biceps curls etc along with leg raises, arms twists etc. Estimated Weight: 60kg – 140kg

Mirafit Cable Machine

The Mirafit Cable Machine is a great piece of equipment for cable weight training. With multiple pulleys that can be adjusted to create a variety of resistance, this machine is perfect for a beginner or intermediate user. It has a weight capacity of 330 pounds, and it comes with an exercise guide to help you get started. The Mirafit cable machine is a great way to add resistance training to your workout routine.

Increase the number of effective exercises you can perform with your cable machine by using either the Floor Mounted Cable Pulley Machine or the Rack Mounted Cable Pulley Machine. The Floor Mounted Machine is designed for permanent installation into a suitable wall, while the Rack Mounted Pulley system can be bolted directly to an M3 Power Rack. Both allow a wide range of cable exercises to be performed and with a minimum footprint.

The Mirafit Wall-mountable Cable Pulley machine is designed for home use and fits to a suitable wall or directly to the M3 Power Rack. The pulley-swivel head allows for plenty of movement and can be used for many types of exercises for increased muscle control and fat burning.

The Mirafit Wall or Rack Mounted Cable Pulley Machine is a simple and effective piece of gym equipment. The dual pulley allows you to makes numerous exercises possible with minimum footprint.

The Mirafit Wall Mounted Cable Pulley Machine is a compact machine that gives you the flexibility of both free weight training and functional exercises. The included pulleys and 165 cm cable allow a range of exercises to be performed with the machine including lat pull down, seated rows, chest press and pull ups and much more.

What are cable pulley machines? Why use them? How do cable pulleys work? Mirafit offers four (4) models of Cable Pulley Machines that can be used as single or dual systems. Our cable pulley machines offer a variety of different angles to choose from beginning with the horizontal and flat, to the slight inclined and vertical. With our cables you will be able to work on all areas of your body, including: your chest, abdominals, arms, back, shoulders and legs.

Mirafit Cable Machine Specifications


1. Constructed from high quality powder coated steel – strong and long lasting
2. Dual pulley system for a variety of cable based exercises
3. Accessories included – the Mirafit rack mounted cable pulley machine has everything you need to get started
4. Can be mounted to both a wall or a rack meaning you can continue working out even when your away on business or holiday (please note anchor plates are not included)
5. Small total footprint – handy where space is limited


1. Enjoy a wide variety of exercises
2. Exercise in your spare time
3. No need for a gym membership
4. Adjustable height to suit your needs
5. Portable and compact design extremely versatile
6. The Mirafit brand has been the choice of athletes, trainers and enthusiasts all over the world!

Mirafit Cable Machine FAQ’s

What is the Mirafit cable machine?

The Mirafit cable machine is a piece of equipment used in many gyms and homes across the world. It is a cable-based machine that allows users to perform a variety of exercises, including rows, curls, and presses. The machine comes with a variety of attachments that can be used to customize each workout. Additionally, the Mirafit cable machine offers a number of adjustable features to ensure a comfortable and safe workout experience for all users.

What makes the Mirafit cable machine unique?

The Mirafit cable machine is unique because it has a number of features that make it more beneficial than other machines on the market. Firstly, the cables are adjustable, which means that they can be moved to accommodate different body sizes and shapes. Secondly, the range of motion is greater than most machines, providing a more complete workout. Thirdly, the machine is very sturdy and stable, meaning that it won’t wobble or move around while you’re using it. Finally, it is very affordable compared to similar machines.

How can you benefit from using the Mirafit cable machine?

When it comes to strength training, nothing beats using a cable machine. Not only do they provide a great total-body workout, but they’re also versatile and can be used for a variety of exercises. If you’re looking to add some new moves to your routine or want to switch things up, the Mirafit cable machine is a great option. Here are four ways you can benefit from using it:

1. Increased Strength: One of the main benefits of using a cable machine is that it helps build strength. The resistance provided by the cables helps tone your muscles and make them stronger.

2. Improved Muscular Definition: Another great benefit of using a cable machine is that it helps define your muscles. The constant resistance provided by the cables helps create that lean, toned look.

3. Better Circulation Another benefit of using a cable machine is that it helps increase circulation. The constant resistance provided by the cables helps stimulate your body’s natural circulatory system.

What exercises that can be done with the Mirafit cable machine?

The Mirafit cable machine is one of the most versatile pieces of equipment in any gym. It can be used for dozens of different exercises, targeting almost every muscle group. In this article, we’ll give you some examples of the best exercises that can be done with the Mirafit cable machine.

What Does the Mirafit Cable Machine Do?

The Mirafit Cable Machine is a piece of home gym equipment that can be used to perform a variety of exercises. The machine has a weight stack with a resistance level of up to 120 pounds, and it comes with an adjustable bench and preacher curl pad. The cable machine can be used to perform exercises such as chest presses, bicep curls, squats, and lunges.

What are the Advantages of the Mirafit Cable Machine over standard weight machines for muscle gain?

When it comes to getting in shape and building muscle, the Mirafit cable machine has a lot of advantages over standard weight machines. First, the cables offer greater range of motion, so you can target more muscles. Second, the cable machine is more versatile- you can do more exercises on it. Third, the cable machine is safer- it’s less likely to cause injury than a standard weight machine. Finally, the cable machine is more challenging- it provides a better workout.

How do you use the Mirafit Cable Machine?

If you’re looking for an intense workout that targets all of your muscle groups, the Mirafit cable machine is a great option. This machine offers a variety of exercises that can help you achieve the results you’re looking for. Here’s how to use the Mirafit cable machine:

First, select the weight you want to use. Then, find the exercise you want to do and adjust the height of the cables to match. Standing with your feet hip-width apart, hold onto the handles and slowly extend your arms in front of you. Keep your back straight and your core engaged as you perform the exercise. Pause at the top of the movement and then slowly lower them back down.

What are the Best Exercises to Do on the Mirafit Cable Machine?

When it comes to finding the best exercises to do on the Mirafit Cable Machine, there are a few things you need to take into account. Firstly, you need to think about your goals – what do you want to achieve from your workout? Secondly, which muscles do you want to target? And finally, how experienced are you with using cable machines? Once you’ve answered these questions, you can start putting together a routine that’s perfect for you.

If your goal is to build muscle mass, then exercises like the bench press, shoulder press and bicep curl are ideal. If your goal is instead to burn fat and tone up, then exercises like the squat, lunge and tricep extension are better choices. And if you’re new to using cable machines, start off by doing simple exercises like the forward and reverse fly or the abdominal crunch.

Specification: Mirafit Rack Mounted Cable Pulley Machine



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Mirafit Rack Mounted Cable Pulley Machine
Mirafit Rack Mounted Cable Pulley Machine


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