MSPA D-TE06 Tekapo 6 Person Hot Tub

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Experience the ultimate relaxation with the MSPA D-TE06 Tekapo 6 Person Hot Tub. Indulge in the luxurious comfort of this spacious and stylish hot tub, perfect for creating lasting memories with family and friends. With its advanced technology and therapeutic benefits, this hot tub is a must-have addition to any backyard oasis.


The MSPA D-TE06 Tekapo Hot Tub is the perfect addition to any backyard oasis. Designed with ultimate relaxation in mind, this luxurious hot tub promises to provide you with a truly indulgent experience. With its spacious and inviting design, this 6 person hot tub is guaranteed to be the highlight of any gathering or a peaceful retreat for some alone time. Let’s dive into the wonderful features that make the MSPA D-TE06 Tekapo Hot Tub a must-have for anyone seeking ultimate relaxation and luxury.

MSPA D-TE06 Hot Tub

MSPA D-TE06 Hot Tub

Specifications Table:

Feature Specification
Seating Up to 6 Person
Dimensions 1.85 x 1.85 x 0.68mH / 73″ x 73″ x 27″H
Water Capacity 930 Litres / 245 Gallons
Net Weight 23 kg / 50.7 lb
Control System 220 – 240V / 50Hz
Filter Pump 1325L/Hr
Heat Increasing Rate 1.2 – 1.8° C per hour
Heater 1500W
Inflation Quick Inflation
Integrated Ozone Gen. N/A
Jets 132 Air Jets
Massage Air Blower 600W
Ozone Output N/A
UVC 2000uW
MSPA D-TE06 Hot Tub UK Review

MSPA D-TE06 Hot Tub UK Review

Features and Benefits:

  1. Wired Controller: Conveniently control spa functions.
  2. Heat Tech: Efficient heat increase at 1.2 – 1.8° C per hour.
  3. Air Jet Bubbles: Invigorating bubble massage with 132 dynamic air jets.
  4. Energy Saving Timer: Program spa operation for optimal energy use.
  5. Smart Filtration: Advanced filtration system for clean water.
  6. Child Safety: Ensures a safe spa environment for children.
  7. Anti-Icing System: Prevents freezing during cold weather.
  8. Antibacterial: Promotes a hygienic spa experience.
  9. UVC-Sanitizer: Integrated UVC technology for additional sanitation.


  1. Stylish metallic blue inner wall.
  2. 46% off, saving £300.
  3. Spacious for up to 6 people.
  4. Quick and easy inflation.
  5. 132 Air Jets for a relaxing massage.


  1. Often in and out of Stock, so customers need to buy when they can

This MSpa Tekapo Comfort Series C-TE061 offers a luxurious and feature-rich inflatable bubble spa experience, combining comfort, safety, and efficient performance. With a stylish design and multiple advanced features, it’s an ideal choice for those seeking a top-tier inflatable spa.

MSPA D-TE06 Hot Tub UK Review -v

MSPA D-TE06 Hot Tub UK Review -v

Experience Ultimate Relaxation with the MSPA D-TE06 Tekapo Hot Tub

When it comes to unwinding and finding peace, nothing compares to the MSPA D-TE06 Tekapo Hot Tub. With its state-of-the-art features and ergonomic design, this hot tub offers a truly luxurious experience. Equipped with 138 dynamic air jets strategically placed around the tub, the Tekapo hot tub provides a soothing massage experience that will melt away tension and leave you feeling rejuvenated.

The Tekapo hot tub is not only designed for relaxation, but also for convenience. With its easy-to-use control panel, you can adjust the temperature and jet settings to your desired level of comfort. The built-in heater ensures that the water remains at your preferred temperature, allowing you to enjoy the hot tub for as long as you desire.

MSPA D-TE06 Hot Tub UK Review - Deals UK

MSPA D-TE06 Hot Tub UK Review – Deals UK

Unwind in Luxury with the Spacious and Inviting 6 Person Hot Tub

The MSPA D-TE06 Tekapo Hot Tub is specifically designed to accommodate up to 6 people, making it the ultimate relaxation destination for you and your loved ones. Whether you’re hosting a gathering with friends or enjoying quality time with your family, this hot tub offers the perfect atmosphere for socializing and bonding.

MSPA D-TE06 Hot Tub Review

MSPA D-TE06 Hot Tub Review

The spacious design of the Tekapo hot tub ensures that everyone has enough room to stretch out and fully enjoy the therapeutic benefits of the hot tub. The comfortable seating and ample space allow you to fully immerse yourself in the warm water, providing the perfect environment for conversation, laughter, and connection.

MSPA D-TE06 Hot Tub - Filter

MSPA D-TE06 Hot Tub – Filter

In conclusion, the MSPA D-TE06 Tekapo Hot Tub is a true game-changer in the world of relaxation and luxury. Its ergonomic design, powerful massage jets, and spacious seating ensure that you and your loved ones will experience the ultimate level of comfort and relaxation. Whether you’re looking to unwind after a long day or create lasting memories with your friends and family, the Tekapo hot tub is the perfect addition to any backyard oasis. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enhance your well-being and make your backyard the envy of the neighborhood. Get ready to dive into ultimate relaxation with the MSPA D-TE06 Tekapo Hot Tub!

Specification: MSPA D-TE06 Tekapo 6 Person Hot Tub

Part Number





24 months on electric parts, 12 months on liner, 3 months on spa accessories



Is Adult Product
Size (Bathers)




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