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The barbell has long been a staple of weightlifting, and today it is used in a variety of strength-based workouts. The Swiss barbell, sometimes also known as the “football” or “cambered” barbell, is one special type of barbell that has many unique advantages and benefits for those looking for an effective strength-training routine. This versatile and highly customizable piece of equipment provides the user with a range of options to best meet their individual needs.


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Mirafit Angled Grip Olympic Swiss Bar

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Swiss Barbell Basics

Swiss Barbells are a unique type of weight training equipment that have become increasingly popular in recent years. Swiss Barbells, also known as Swiss Bars, are versatile and provide a wide range of exercises for athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike. The barbell consists of two thick handles that wrap around the bar like an “X” shape with an inner sleeve to secure the weights. This allows users to perform exercises such as bent rows, chest presses and bicep curls in either a neutral grip or hammer grip position.

The Swiss Bar is particularly beneficial for those who want to work on bodybuilding movements but do not wish to use traditional barbells due to wrist injuries or other issues.

Where can I buy a Swiss bar in the UK?

If you’re looking to buy a Swiss barbell in the UK, there are plenty of options available. A Swiss bar is a type of barbell specifically designed for exercises like presses, rows and curls that require an angled grip on the weight. With its unique design, it delivers superior comfort and stability when lifting heavy weights.

The most popular place to purchase Swiss bars in the UK is online. There are several reputable brands that manufacture them with features such as knurling for extra grip, rotating sleeves for smoother movements, and different lengths depending on your needs. Prices can vary from around £50 to over £100 depending on the fitness equipment brand and style you select.

Another option is physical stores across the country that stock fitness equipment – these may be independent gyms or larger retailers who offer home gym packages complete with a Swiss barbell.

Benefits of Training with Swiss Barbells

Swiss barbells are one of the most versatile pieces of strength training equipment available. Also known as a super bar or football bar, this piece of equipment is designed for Olympic lifters and powerlifters alike. If you’re looking to add variety to your workouts and challenge yourself with new exercises, Swiss barbells could be the perfect addition to your strength training routine.

The unique design of Swiss barbells makes them ideal for targeting muscles in your back and arms. They also provide greater stability than a traditional straight weightlifting bars, making them particularly effective for compound exercises like squats, deadlifts, and bench presses. Additionally, because they feature multiple handles at different angles, they allow you to perform unilateral movements that can help improve balance while providing an intense workout for both sides of your body simultaneously.

Types of Exercise with a Swiss Barbell

For those looking to add variety to their workout routine, a Swiss Barbell is an ideal option. This versatile piece of equipment can be used for a wide range of exercises, allowing users to target different muscles and find new ways to challenge their bodies. From squats and overhead presses to rows and curls, the Swiss Barbell offers exercisers a comprehensive way to diversify their workouts.

The multifaceted design of the Swiss Barbell makes it suitable for both strength training and muscle building. By manipulating the bar’s angle and height, users can adjust the intensity of each exercise in order to best suit their specific fitness goals. Squats with the bar held close to the body build lower body strength while wider positioning targets upper body muscles such as arms and shoulders.

Advantages of Using a Swiss Barbell

The Swiss Barbell is a versatile and multi-functional piece of gym equipment that can be used to strengthen and tone the body. It’s design makes it ideal for both beginner and advanced athletes as its unique shape allows users to perform various exercises with just one barbell.

The Swiss Barbell is especially beneficial if you’re looking to improve your core strength, stability, balance, and overall muscular development. Its V-shaped design provides a variety of grip options which allow you to target different muscle groups in your body. Additionally, it’s easy on the joints as compared to traditional straight barbells due to its curved design. This means that you can lift heavier weights without risking injury or putting too much strain on your body.

Finally, the Swiss Barbell’s versatility also allows users to mix up their workouts by changing up the angles at which they are training from.

Disadvantages of a Swiss Barbell

The Swiss Barbell is an innovative piece of strength training equipment that has become popular in many gyms and fitness centers around the world. However, as with any exercise equipment, there are some potential disadvantages associated with this barbell.

One of the main cons to using a Swiss Barbell is its cost. This type of barbell typically costs more than regular Olympic-style bars, making it less accessible for those on a budget. Additionally, due to its unique shape and design, you may need to purchase additional accessories or tools in order to use the bar safely and effectively.

Another disadvantage of using a Swiss Barbell is that it may not be suitable for certain exercises due to its awkward shape and weight distribution. This can make it difficult to perform certain lifts correctly or at all depending on your experience level or desired results.

Tips for Safely Using a Swiss Barbell

Swiss barbells are an excellent tool for weight training, allowing you to perform a variety of exercises such as squats, bench press, and rows. However, it is important to use safety precautions when working with this type of equipment. Here are some tips for safely using a Swiss barbell:

First and foremost, make sure the weights on the barbell are safely secured in place before beginning any exercise. You should also ensure that your hands and feet remain in the appropriate positions at all times during an exercise. In addition, check that the barbell is firmly attached to its stand before each use. Wear appropriate protective gear such as wrist straps or gloves while using the Swiss barbell too – this can help prevent injuries if you accidentally drop the weights.

Finally, don’t lift more than you can handle!

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