York 40kg Pro-Style Dumbbell

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Embark on a journey of strength and endurance with the York Barbell Pro-Style Dumbbell 40kg. Renowned for its commercial-grade durability and ergonomic design, this dumbbell is a favorite among professional sports teams and strength facilities worldwide. Crafted with a solid steel handle, knurled grip, and rubber-encased heads, it ensures optimal control, comfort, and longevity. Elevate your strength training experience and invest in the pinnacle of performance with this exceptional piece of fitness equipment.


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If you’re serious about your fitness and strength training goals, then look no further than the York 40kg Pro-Style Dumbbell. This ultimate pro-style dumbbell is designed to help you unleash your inner strength, elevate your fitness game, and sculpt and tone your muscles like never before. With unparalleled quality and durability, the York 40kg Pro-Style Dumbbell is truly the king of dumbbells. Get ready to unlock your full potential and unleash the beast within!

York 40kg Pro-Style Dumbbell

York 40kg Pro-Style Dumbbell

York Barbell Pro-Style Dumbbell 40kg is a testament to durability and quality in the world of commercial-grade fitness equipment. Crafted with precision, this premium dumbbell is favored by professional sports teams and strength and conditioning facilities globally. With a solid steel handle, ergonomic design, and high-quality rubber weighted ends, it stands out as a reliable choice for serious strength training.

Features and Benefits:

  • Professional Grade Durability: Built to withstand the toughest environments, these dumbbells are a staple in pro rugby teams and commercial strength gyms, a testament to their robust construction.
  • Optimized Design: The shortened and fully knurled 33 mm solid steel handle offers optimal control, reducing hand and forearm fatigue. Soft, non-metallic shoulders ensure a comfortable grip, enhancing balance and control during workouts.
  • Longevity and Floor Protection: Solid steel heads, welded to the center bar and encased in durable rubber, increase the dumbbell’s lifespan. This construction not only reduces impact noise but also protects floor coverings if the dumbbell is accidentally dropped.
  • Permanent Welded Joints: The solid steel handle is permanently welded to the heads before the molding process, ensuring a secure and permanent connection.
  • Commercial Quality: Designed for full commercial use, these 40kg dumbbells are a reliable choice for professional and commercial gym setups.
  • Versatile Range: Available in sizes ranging from 2.5kg to 50kg, these dumbbells offer a comprehensive selection for varied strength training needs.
  • Knurled Hand Grip: The knurled hand grip provides a secure hold, even when hands are sweaty, ensuring safety during intense workouts.
  • Chrome Plate Finish: The chrome plate finish on the solid steel handle adds an extra layer of durability and aesthetic appeal.
  • Sold as Singles: The dumbbells are sold individually, allowing users to customize their workout sets according to their strength levels.


  • Exceptional durability for long-term use.
  • Ergonomic design enhances control and reduces fatigue.
  • Rubber encased heads reduce noise and protect floors.
  • Suitable for professional and commercial gym environments.
  • Versatile weight range catering to various fitness levels.


  • Priced at £199.99, it may be on the higher side for budget-conscious buyers.
York 40kg Pro-Style Dumbbell UK

York 40kg Pro-Style Dumbbell UK

Specifications Table:

Attribute Details
Shape Round
Handle Shape Straight
Dumbbell Weight 40kg
Adjustable No
Material Rubber Encased Cast Iron
Quantity Single
Warranty One year (Home & Light/Full Commercial Use)

Comparison with York Barbell 37.5 KG – 50 KG Rubber Hex Dumbbell Pack:

York Barbell continues its legacy of providing top-tier fitness equipment, and when comparing the Pro-Style Dumbbell 40kg with the Rubber Hex Dumbbell Pack (37.5kg – 50kg), we delve into a comprehensive analysis of their specifications to determine the superior choice.

Comparison Table:

Specification Pro-Style Dumbbell 40kg York Rubber Hex Dumbbell Pack (37.5kg – 50kg)
Durability High Moderate to High
Handle Type Solid Steel Hexagonal Rubber Coated
Design Ergonomic Traditional Hex Design
Floor Protection Rubber Encased Heads Rubber Hex Coating
Grip Type Knurled Textured Rubber Coating
Weight Range 40kg (Single) 37.5kg – 50kg (Pack)
Versatility Full Commercial Home & Light Commercial


  • Durability: Pro-Style Dumbbell 40kg – 9, Rubber Hex Dumbbell Pack – 8
  • Design and Grip: Pro-Style Dumbbell 40kg – 9, Rubber Hex Dumbbell Pack – 8
  • Floor Protection: Pro-Style Dumbbell 40kg – 9, Rubber Hex Dumbbell Pack – 8
  • Versatility: Pro-Style Dumbbell 40kg – 9, Rubber Hex Dumbbell Pack – 7

Total Scores:

  • Pro-Style Dumbbell 40kg: 36
  • Rubber Hex Dumbbell Pack: 31

With a higher total score, the Pro-Style Dumbbell 40kg emerges as the superior choice, offering exceptional durability, ergonomic design, and versatility suitable for full commercial use.

York 40kg Pro-Style Dumbbell - Review

York 40kg Pro-Style Dumbbell – Review

Gym Save Editor Review: Why We Like the Dumbbell Set:

The York Barbell Pro-Style Dumbbell 40kg impresses us with its unmatched durability and professional-grade design. The ergonomic handle and rubber encased heads not only enhance performance but also contribute to a longer lifespan, making it a wise investment for serious fitness enthusiasts and commercial gyms alike.

What We Think:

This dumbbell set aligns perfectly with Gym Save Editor’s commitment to quality fitness equipment. It stands out for its durability, thoughtful design, and suitability for professional use. The Pro-Style Dumbbell 40kg is an excellent choice for those seeking reliable and long-lasting gym equipment.

Ownership Experience:

Owning the York Barbell Pro-Style Dumbbell 40kg is like having a piece of professional-grade equipment in your home gym. The solid steel handle, knurled grip, and rubber encased heads provide a premium feel, ensuring a comfortable and effective workout experience. The investment in this dumbbell set is justified by its longevity and performance.

In summary, the York Barbell Pro-Style Dumbbell 40kg receives high praise from Gym Save Editor, standing as a testament to quality and durability in the realm of fitness equipment.

The Ultimate York 40kg Pro-Style Dumbbell

When it comes to pro-style dumbbells, the York 40kg stands in a league of its own. Made with precision and craftsmanship, this dumbbell is designed to provide you with the ultimate workout experience. Whether you’re a professional athlete or a fitness enthusiast, the York 40kg will help you take your strength training to new heights. Its sleek and ergonomic design ensures a comfortable grip, allowing you to focus on your form and technique without any distractions. With its sturdy construction and adjustable weight options, this dumbbell is perfect for both beginners and advanced lifters.

Unleashing Your Inner Strength

With the York 40kg Pro-Style Dumbbell, there are no limits to what you can achieve. This dumbbell is specifically designed to help you unleash your inner strength and push your limits. Whether you’re looking to build muscle, increase your power, or improve your overall athletic performance, this dumbbell is your ultimate weapon of choice. With its adjustable weight options, you can start with a lighter weight and gradually increase as you progress. This allows you to challenge yourself and continuously push beyond your comfort zone, unlocking your full potential.

Elevate Your Fitness Game

If you’re tired of conventional dumbbells that limit your workout options, then it’s time to elevate your fitness game with the York 40kg Pro-Style Dumbbell. This dumbbell offers a wide range of exercises that target all major muscle groups, allowing you to engage in a full-body workout. From bicep curls to shoulder presses, lunges to squats, the possibilities are endless. With its versatile design and adjustable weight options, you can customize your workout routine to suit your specific needs and goals. Say goodbye to boring and repetitive workouts, and hello to a whole new level of fitness!

In conclusion, the York 40kg Pro-Style Dumbbell is a game-changer in the world of strength training. With its unparalleled quality and durability, this dumbbell is built to last a lifetime. Whether you’re a professional athlete or a fitness enthusiast, this dumbbell will help you sculpt and tone your muscles, unleash your inner strength, and unlock your full potential. Take your fitness game to new heights with the king of dumbbells – the York 40kg Pro-Style Dumbbell. Get ready to unleash the beast within and achieve the body you’ve always dreamed of!

Specification: York 40kg Pro-Style Dumbbell



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