Mirafit V Bar

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The Mirafit V Bar Handle is ideal for home based cable machines with a fixed pulley system. The V bar handle enables you to attach to your cable machine and train your triceps. With an adjustable bar, this can be used by both left-handed and right-handed individuals, making it a great tool for both sexes.


The Mirafit V Bar Attachment is used to attach the V bar to your cable machine and train your triceps. The two end caps are removable, as are the end weights. Weights are sold separately. Take a close look at this product.

Mirafit V Bar – This tricep handle enables you to attach the v-bar to your cable machine, change your form and experience a new way of training your triceps. Why train your triceps on the cable machine? Not everyone has a power rack or Smith machine that allows you to execute the movements precisely. Here at Mirafit we know that it’s hard to find the right tools for a workout if you don’t have access to a wide variety of equipment at home or at the gym. That’s why we designed this piece of equipment, so that you would be able to train more efficiently and achieve better results, even without access to a power rack or Smith machine. Mirafit gives you more quality without disturbing your budget.

Train your triceps safely and effectively with this Mirafit V Bar Attachment. The attachment enables you to attach the V bar to your cable machine for effective triceps exercises. The narrow width of the attachment allows it to fit perfectly into a number of models. Mirafit V bar attachment is used to add tricep training to your cable workout. A must-have addition to build the muscles of your arms. Comes with two handles and additional V bars.

The Mirafit V Bar Attachment is a tricep handle attachment made with high-quality steel to ensure maximum durability and safety. This attachment lets you target your triceps without the hassle of buying a whole new cable machine, as it attaches to any standard weight machine that has a 1/4″ threaded weight stack. The V bar attachment has been meticulously designed for comfort, allowing for fast and seamless adjustment in size.

Mirafit V Bar Cable Attachment Review

Mirafit V Bar Cable Attachment Review – The Mirafit workout program comes with a special Tricep handle to work your triceps, but it can also be used for other exercises using an attached cable machine. See our review of the Mirafit V Bar Cable Attachment and the best price.

PROS: Has a hole for cable attachment
CONS: Might dig into you because of its sharp edges.

Overall, the Mirafit V bar Cable Attachment is attached to your cable machine that allows you to improve on your triceps. The product is very handy and have a good design but might be uncomfortable because of the sharp edges.

Mirafit V Bar Cable Attachment Review – the Mirafit tricep cable attachment is an effective way to train your triceps. The bar attachments’ plate is a solid metal weight plate, which gives you heavy duty, durable clips for attaching it to the cable machine.

The Mirafit Tricep V Bar Cable Attachment is a sophisticated way to shape and tone your triceps. Manufactured from high quality materials, the Mirafit Tricep V Bar cannot be compared to other products on the market. This product has been designed for safety and effectiveness. The V bar is used by bodybuilders around the world in their workouts; it’s a specialist piece of equipment which creates an intense muscle workout.

As you know there are countless variations of Tricep workout from barbell work, cable work to dumbbell work. But very often people don’t have time to go to the gym and do all sort of training. That’s why they usually just do cable tricep workout and that’s exactly what I’ll be discussing in this product review.

Mirafit Triceps Handle

Mirafit Triceps Handle – This Tricep Handle enables you to attach the V bar to your cable machine and train your triceps. The rubber grip makes it easier and safer to use, plus it is more durable than other methods of attaching a Tricep Bar to a Cable Machine. The Mirafit Triceps Handle only works with 1.25″ thick bars.

A triceps handle enables you to attach the V bar to your cable machine and train your triceps. Besides of being a simple add on, it will allow you to do exercises such as close grip bench press and skull crushers. In this video we go through the pro’s and con’s of the Mirafit Tricep V Bar.


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