Mirafit Weight Tree

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Mirafit’s Weight Tree is an ideal way to organize your weight plates. Made to fit all weight plates up to Olympic size, the tree features six horizontal storage poles as well as storage space for two Olympic barbells. The poles are made with a rust-proof material and can easily be adjusted with the use of a strong plastic tool provided. Once assembled, the Weight Tree is foldable and easy to disassemble when required. This makes it great for both home and commercial use, offering simple training and easier handling of weights.


Mirafit Weight Tree is a versatile, easy to use and extremely handy tool for organising your home gym. It is made of high-quality plastic and includes 6 horizontal storage poles as well as space for two Olympic barbells on top. The Mirafit Weight Tree will be an invaluable tool helping you organise your gym set up to save you time and energy. Organising your home gym has never been easier than with the Mirafit Weight Tree. The tree includes 6 horizontal storage poles, which all store up to 4 weights each, allowing you to keep a number of different weight plates in quick and easy reach. There is also space to store two Olympic barbells, ensuring they will be safe and sound out of the way while unused. The steel bars and storage poles are finished in black oxide coating for extra durability, including addtional protection against rust and staining.

Make your workout a little easier with this weight tree from Mirafit. The six storage poles can be used to store up to 24 kg worth of plates, and you can also clip plates straight onto the Olympic barbell for easy weight changes on the fly. With its compact design, this weight tree fits easily into smaller spaces, so you’ll always be able to get to your weights. The Mirafit Weight Tree is an essential item for any home gym. It offers a solution to organising weights and bars, while providing ample storage space above and below the poles. The weight tree can be used with any Oly bar, offering a practical way of storing up to two bars at one time. This comes in handy when you have only one bar available for your workout and want to keep that bar in good condition. The weight tree offers convenient storage space for various plates and allows users to shuffle them around as needed.

Keep all your weight plates in one safe and convenient place with the Mirafit Exercise Weight Tree. The tree can hold up to a complete set of plates, and features six storage hooks where additional weight plates can be stored. It also makes an excellent home for two Olympic barbells. The Mirafit Weight Tree has been designed from the ground up to be perfect for any home gym. Simply add a weight bench and some weights , and you’re ready to start lifting! The sturdy weighted base means that it will not tip over even with a full Olympic barbell on the rack. Handy additional storage space at the bottom keeps your gym equipment organised and makes quick and easy adjustments simple.

The Mirafit Weight Tree is a cost-effective way to store weight plates and fitness equipment. Using separate storage poles, this weighted fitness tree allows you to save on space and organise your exercise equipment.

Mirafit Weight Tree Specifications

Our Mirafit Weight Tree provides six weight poles and two bar holders – ideal for storing Olympic plates. Black and orange powder-coated steel construction with a height of 130cm, it features a maximum load rating of 400kg per pole, or 60kg per weight pole, and 20kg per bar holder. Please note that tools are required for assembly (Allen Key) . The Mirafit Weight Tree is a simple yet effective home storage rack for holding six weight plates, and two 2″/50mm Olympic barbells. This design combines the possibilities of an Olympic barbell rack and a weight plate tree, into one compact product. The Mirafit Weight Tree can be placed in a corner of your garage or in the corner of your home gym for maximum space-saving efficiency. The height and width of this product have been carefully considered to allow you to store all the weight plates (including 45cm diameter Olympic plates) that are frequently used in training at the same time. The maximum weight load on this Weight Tree has been tested to 400kg (60kg per pole), so it will be able to withstand years of use, providing peak strength and performance without compromise.

  • Mirafit Weight Tree & Bar Stand
  • Home storage rack with six horizontal weight poles and two bar holders
  • Suitable for all 2″/50mm Olympic plates
  • Spacing allows all six poles to store full size 45cm diameter Olympic plates simultaneously (see images)
  • Two upright Olympic barbell holders
  • Black and orange powder-coated steel construction
  • Design tested to 400kg (60kg per pole, 20kg per bar holder)
  • Measurements:
    • Height: 130cm
    • Width: 70cm
    • Depth: 63cm
  • Please note: tools requiried

Mirafit Weight Tree Review

The Mirafit Olympic Weight Tree is the ultimate in home storage for all serious weight trainers. Designed for 2″/50mm Olympic plates, the six (3 pairs) of horizontal weight poles allow you to safely store up to 3 x 45cm diameter plates on each side (180kg max per side). This means you can store a complete set of 45/20kg dumbells and bar on each side of the tree. The two foam-padded upright barbell holders make an excellent addition, as they allow you to add some extra weight to your lifts.

After living in a small house with limited space for several years, I decided to take the next step and get weightlifting equipment. Like many people I started out with a small amount of weights, just a few dumbbells that took up most of the space in my bedroom. This was fine when I first starting getting into fitness, but it was very soon evident that this was not going to be enough. After some research I decided to go with the Mirafit Weight Tree because of the six horizontal weight poles which will allow me to store all my plates at once and save a lot of storage space.

This space-efficient and unique multi-use rack from Mirafit will help you with your home workout. The six vertical poles and two bar holders are designed to store all standard 50cm Olympic plates, allowing you to carry a huge total load on a reasonable amount of floor space. This combination weight tree/rack has been designed so that the spotters are out of the way during exercise movements such as bench press and shrugs, yet will move back into position to hold the weight safely when the bars are removed. Pole spacing also allows all six poles to store Olympic plates at once, while two bar holders can hold standard Westside-style bars. The multi-tiered weight tree consists of: 6 x 1.5m (2″ diam.) poles, 2 x 45cm (1″) bar holders (2.” between holders), 2 x 30cm (1″) bar holders (1″ between holders), 6 x 1.25m (1″ diam.) backup bars for plate storage. Features: – Full size 50cm diameter Olympic plate storage – Storage for 12 pairs of 45cm diameter plates or 20 pairs of 30cm diameter plates – Two sets of storage for standard Westside-style bars – Space saving design which stays put.

The Mirafit Weight Tree is a home storage rack with six horizontal weight poles and two bar holders. It is designed to meet the demands of Olympic weightlifters, Cross-Fit athletes and gym sports coaches who value straightforward design, high quality, stability and safety in their training equipment. The product is also available with Red, Green and Blue uprights.

The Mirafit Weight Tree is the ultimate storage rack for your Olympic plates. The durable black and orange steel construction with powder coat finish allows you to store up to six Olympic plates on horizontal plates. Each pole has a 2″ (50mm) diameter hole designed to hold an Olympic barbell. The Mirafit Weight Tree is the ultimate storage rack for your Olympic plates. The durable black and orange steel construction with powder coat finish allows you to store up to six Olympic plates on horizontal plates. Each pole has a 2″ (50mm) diameter hole designed to hold an Olympic barbell. The Mirafit Weight Tree is a home storage rack for 7 Olympic plates. The 2 upright Olympic barbell holders are designed to safely store 7′ and 6′ Olympic bars. This tool-free assembly rack is strong and durable, to provide long lasting use.

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Our Weight Tree offers simple storage of Olympic bars, plates and dumbbells with a choice of two bar holders. The product is designed to store six poles, three with weight plates on each forming a triangular shape at the top of the stand. These six poles can easily take a load of 60kg in total. The uprights of the tree are designed to hold two Olympic size bars making it ideal for Kettlebells and dumbbells. There are holes on the uprights which allow the weight tree to be bolted to the floor if required. This structure is made from powder-coated steel to ensure longevity and is supplied flat packed for ease of delivery, however all tools required for assembly are provided in a comprehensive tool kit also provided.

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