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Mirafit Jacks make loading your barbell for deadlifts easier and quicker. The jack simply lifts the bar off the floor while you change your plates. The jack has a smooth line that protects your bar from deep scratches through regular use.


Incredibly simple to use and hassle-free, Mirafit Jacks make loading a barbell for deadlifts quicker and easier. The deadlift jack is easy to use, simply lift the bar from the floor while you change your plates. The grip is lined to help protect your bar through regular use.

These jacks help you load your barbell for the deadlift. The jack is placed under the bar and provides a secure lift, making changing plates quicker and easier. The jack grip is lined to help protect your bar through regular use. This jack also helps with cleaning and setting up racks by providing an easy way to move or rotate them as needed.

Now your warm-up sets, technical deadlifting, and all live-weight training can be done with a barbell. Finally a Jack that holds the bar off the floor to help you change your plates. Mirafit Jacks are ergonomically designed for easy and safe use.

Your barbell can be a heavy beast, especially when loaded with weights. Getting the bar off the floor using only your strength to hold it is great for building serious muscle, but it sure can tire you out. You could load up some dumbbells to hold your bar off the ground, or buy a jack from other manufacturers, or you could simply use your Mirafit Deadlift Jacks.

Material: Steel – flat,  Round bar (1.5 mm) Material thickness: 2 mm Length bar 35 cm Rings diameter 60mm Locking height 89-120 cm, depending on the selected number of segments for adjustment up or down side screws two color red and black Technical characteristics: Diameter pressure pipe 1/2 inch Hex wrench set with a screwdriver No weight 9,3 kg Color red / black Assembly manual included I was curious about this!

Mirafit Jack Review

Mirafit Deadlift Jack Review is a great tool to use when you want to change plates on your barbell. The jack makes it easier to remove the weight and just makes the process quicker. I like that it’s stiff and doesn’t bend so you can use it without worry of bending the bar or over-flexing it. It has also to be a nice grip on the handle that cushions your hand while using it.

If you are looking for a jack for your deadlifting during workouts, then read on to find out more about the Mirafit Jack review . The Mirafit Jack helps save time from having to get your belt off and re-adjust it after changing your weights. Read on to find out all the information you need regarding this barbell bar lifting aid.

Mirafit Jack Review, is a heavy duty lifting jack which makes the process of changing weight for deadlifts, and squats simpler. Weighing in at 4.4lb (2kg), it is a little heavier than similar products, but this additional weight is useful when using it.

The Mirafit barbell jack is a super handy lifting accessory designed to make the process of loading your barbell quick and easy. One minute you’re at a dead stop, the next you’re making progress! When you load your regular weight plates on the jack, it raises any barbell off the floor so you can load your 45 lb plate to 135 lbs & beyond.

The Mirafit barbell jack is the perfect device to ease pain and anxiety when managing your weight lifting set-up while deadlifting. Designed to lift the barbell off the ground without lifting the weights, our users have found the jack to be one of the best additions to their weight lifting arsenal available. The jack allows you to change a single plate at a time by first removing that single plate from under the barbell and replacing it with a different plate before then repeating this process on any other side plates.

Mirafit Barbell Jack

The Mirafit Barbell Jack is a practical, yet simple device that helps make loading your barbell for deadlifts easier. The jack is easy to use and simply lifts the bar off the floor while you change your Mirafit plates. The jack grip is lined to help protect your iron bar through regular use. Check out our video review of this great innovative product to see how it works in action.

The Mirafit Barbell Jack is the quickest and easiest way to load your bar for the deadlift. Simply place into a corner of the gym and use it to lift your bar off the floor when changing plates. The bar can then be loaded easily with plates you have nearby. The jack grip is lined to help protect your bar through regular use. The Mirafit Barbell Jack makes deadlifting easier, allowing you to change plates faster while still protecting your bar. Made of high quality steel and lined with rubber to protect your bar through regular use. This jack is easy to use and is a great addition to any gym.

The Mirafit Barbell Jack will make your life easier while getting ready to perform a deadlift movement. This barbell jack easily lifts the bar off the floor and allows you to change your weights more conveniently. The jack has a protective lining that will protect your bar through normal wear and tear and is designed to fit all standard plates.

Mirafit Barbell Jack Review: We have been using the Mirafit Barbell Jack for several months now, and it has made our life much easier. These jacks are designed to make loading your barbell with weight plates quicker and easier. The barbell jack works in the same manner as the other types of floor jacks commonly used when changing your tires (spare tires on your car…or rather, the ones that aren’t flat). You basically slip it under the sole plate of your barbell, raise the jack handle to a level that lifts the entire weight of your barbell off the ground, change out your weight plates, lower the handle and then re-lift your bar quickly into place. When you use this type of device, you are no longer forced to try and load on an individual value of plates; instead you can just load the entire bar up with all of your weight plates at once. This is a great safety feature once you get used to keeping all of those weights from falling forward in free space above you where you could lose balance or displace them forward into your upper body.

Mirafit Deadlift Jack Specifications

When lifting heavy weights, you don’t have time to be struggling with the weight on the ground. The Mirafit Weight lifting jack makes deadlifting easier by raising the bar off the floor. This product is made from durable steel, and lined to help protect your bar through regular use. Read our review and get the Pro’s and con’s here.

We recently tested the Mirafit Jack and offer our thoughts on the pro’s and con’s of this product. The jack has a nylon lined grip to help protect your bar through regular use. This product is designed for easy use, just place the bar on the jack, lift the barbell off of the floor and rotate to change plates.

  • Measurements:
  • Overall length: 50cm
  • Overall width: 12cm
  • Bar rest width: 5cm
Mirafit Gen II Mini Barbell Jack
Awin Mirafit
Mirafit Gen II Full Barbell Jack
Awin Mirafit
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