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Mirafit Chains are a unique accessory piece to your barbell. Featuring a rugged design, with an olympic barbell sleeve for safety and ease of use, this 5 piece set of chains allow you to add or remove chains to any barbell set-up. Available in 2 different poundages and color options, these chains are sure to help change up any workout routine.

Mirafit Olympic Barbell Weighted Chains are a unique accessory piece to your barbell. Featuring a rugged design, with an olympic barbell sleeve for safety and ease of use, this 5 piece set of chains allow you to add or remove chains to any barbell set-up. Available in 2 different poundages and color options, these chains are sure to help change up any workout routine.


Mirafit Chains are manufactured of highest quality steel (Chrome-plated) and are perfect for home and professional gyms. Made in Europe, these chains make your Olympic barbells heavier. They come in 2 pieces and each piece is 44lbs. of extra weight. Mirafit Olympic Barbell Weighted Chains are easy and quick to install. Unlike several other brands of chains, the Mirafit Chains are made from hardened steel and are knurled for more grip. Their innovative design means that you can install them on both ends of any Olympic barbell (normal or renegade). This gives you the option of using your barbell as a pair of dumb bells with the addition of 5kg chains each end providing weights of 5kg (each) if required for exercises such as bicep curls or lat pulls. There is no need to purchase extra dumb bells, when you already have a barbell available in your gym or at home.

The Mirafit Chains are an advanced training aid that is attached to a regular or Olympic sized barbell. These chains are attached directly onto the sleeve of the barbell, providing incredibly heavy workouts. These chains can be used for assistance in exercises such as squats, deadlifts, cleans, snatches and many others. They are made from high quality steel for optimum performance. Their black finish gives them a professional look and could let you train at home or in any gym.

Mirafit Olympic Barbell Weighted Chains - 2 x 12kg (24kg)
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Mirafit Olympic Barbell Weighted Chains - 2 x 16kg (32kg)
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Mirafit Olympic Barbell Weighted Chains - 2 x 8kg (16kg)
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These 16-pound chains clamp onto the sleeves of standard Olympic bars, allowing for increased resistance during squats, deadlifts, and bench presses. The chains are connected with a nylon strap; removing the strap allows for easy attachment to barbells without slippage.

Mirafit Olympic Barbell Weighted Chains Review

In this Mirafit Olympic Barbell Weighted Chains review, you’ll learn the pros and cons of this weightlifting system. I’ll show you which materials are used, what accessories come with it, and give you an overview of how it works. Boxing enthusiasts and beginners alike can benefit from weighted chains, but how do you know if the Mirafit Olympic Barbell Weighted Chains are worth your hard-earned money? Unfortunately, there is no way to know for certain.  Even with a heavy amount of research, you may still be left with lingering doubts. After purchasing the chains and testing them ourselves, I can personally vouch for the Mirafit Olympic Barbell Weighted Chains as being a quality product that will enhance your workouts.

Providing consumers with a premium and accurate review of Mirafit Olympic Barbell Weighted Chains is a priority to us here at Heavy.com. We have spent hours researching, scrutinizing, and segmenting our audience to ensure that you are provided with the best review available online. Mirafit Olympic Barbell Weighted Chains are absolute beast! We used to have a set of 35 lbs weighted chains in our gym back when we first opened and decided to buy a new set of 50 lbs chains at the end of 2015. Overall, I’m very impressed with the quality and feel of these chains.

Mirafit Olympic Barbell Weighted Chains. Mirafit Olympic Barbell Weighted Chains with four 8lb. weight plates and two 1¼” locking pin collars, is a lightweight and effective way to work out your upper body in gyms, fitness centers and outdoor exercising. Mirafit Barbell Olympic Weighted Chains.This product features four 8lb. weight plates and two 1¼” locking pin collars that make it easy to attach to most hammer bars or olympic bars, as well as to adjust the weight of the barbell once the chains have been attached. It also features an olive-drab coating that will hold up to years of rigorous use. Olympic barbells are widely used in home gyms and are commonly used by cross fitters who are looking to build muscle and tone their body while getting an intense cardiovascular workout at the same time.

2 x 8kg

These 2 x 8kg Mirafit Olympic Barbell Weighted Chains are designed for use with all Olympic bars and are great for squats, presses, curls and bench press exercises. They connect to the bar using chains that feature spiked ends to ensure a good grip when weight is applied. These chains fit a 1″ bar and require a weight collar or spring clamp.

2 x 12kg

Mirafit Chains are a set of 2 x 12kg Olympic Barbell Weighted Chains made from 100% solid steel. These are designed to fit straight onto any standard barbell with a diameter between 1″ and 1.2″ featuring durable nickel plated sockets, quick release clips with nylon bolts – giving you the option of quick removal. The weight chains are typically for use in home gyms and commercial facilities where large amounts of additional weight is required. These chains can also act as a replacement for damaged chains, or to upgrade your existing chain.

2 x 16kg

The 2 x 16kg Mirafit Olympic Barbell Weighted Chains have been made using the finest grade steel. This product has a heavy duty powder coated finish and includes free weight plates as well as a convenient secure storage bag. These chains are perfect for improving your overall barbell workouts.

2 x 20kg

Mirafit is a well known brand in the world of weightlifting, so I couldn’t really pass this offer up. Mirafit 2 x 20kg weightlifting chains are made by a very reputable company, and considering the low price they are sold at on Amazon, they are definitely worth the purchase. This pair of 20kg weightlifting chains by Mirafit are an excellent accessory for any garage gym or serious home workout space. They are light, durable, easy to use and offer a variety of exercises to assist in your progressions.

Mirafit Weightlifting Chains

Mirafit weightlifting chain is a new product in the sport arena. These chains have been specifically designed for weight training to help improve your strength. Mirafit weights are distinctively smooth and easily adjustable and come in a range of weights. They consist of five lengths, four different thicknesses and various chains made out of heavy duty carbon steel or polymer. This review will discuss some of the features, benefits and possibilities for using Mirafit Weightlifting Chains.

Mirafit weightlifting chains are an affordable way to bring the gym home. By their design, Mirafit’s chains make it easy to increase weight resistance during a workout. They can be easily adjusted for more weight and can provide as much resistance as equipment you would find at a gym. Mirafit Weightlifting Chains are one of a kind of the best powerlifting belts and weightlifting belts money can buy.

Mirafit weightlifting chains are a great piece of equipment for anyone who is looking to increase their overall strength. This product has been designed for power and speed, so you’ll love their superior performance. These chains are easy to assemble and will provide several years of consistency as it’s made from quality materials that won’t tear or wear down easily. The chain links are also super-strong, so you’ll get peak performance from this weightlifting product. You can even purchase a weight bench with these weightlifting chains so that you can easily benefit from the combination of both products to enhance your workouts. This will allow you to get the most out of the Mirafit weightlifting chains during any type of workout.

Mirafit chains are made from a combination of different kinds of steel, which makes them strong and resistant to rust. They are available in four variations: 5 kg, 10 kg, 15 kg and 20 kg. You can also order any amount between two and five units at the same time. Mirafit chains are flexible enough for you to be able to use them with a lot of weight bars that are sold in weightlifting centers.

Mirafit Chains FAQ’s

What are Mirafit chains?

If you are looking for a way to improve your strength training, Mirafit chains may be the answer. These chains are made of metal, making them strong and durable. They can be used for a variety of exercises, including squats, lunges, and bicep curls. Because they are adjustable, they can be used by people of all fitness levels.

Introduction: Introduce the Mirafit chains, explaining that they are metal chains for strength training.

Features of Mirafit lifting chains:

List the features of the Mirafit chains, including that they are made of metal, adjustable, and durable. Used for resistance and strength training both at home and in the gym.

Looking for a durable, reliable chain that can be adjusted to fit your body perfectly? Look no further than Mirafit chains! Made of metal, these chains are sturdy and tough enough to support your weight, while the adjustable design ensures a comfortable, customized fit.

Benefits of Mirafit lifting chains:

Discuss the benefits of using the Mirafit chains for strength training, including that they are versatile and help improve strength and muscle tone.

When it comes to strength training, there are a lot of options to choose from when it comes to equipment. One option that is often overlooked is using chains. Chains offer a variety of benefits that other pieces of equipment cannot match.

First, chains are versatile. They can be used with any type of weightlifting exercise. This makes them a great option for people who want to switch up their routine often or for those who are just starting out and don’t know what exercises they should do yet.

Second, chains add resistance as you lift the weight. This makes your muscles work harder, which leads to better results in less time. In addition, this increased resistance also helps improve your balance and stability, both of which are important for athletes and everyday exercisers alike.

Finally, chains are affordable and easy to use.

How to Use Mirafit chains:

Instruct readers on how to use the Mirafit chains for strength training, explaining that they should be attached to a sturdy object and then used to perform a variety of exercises.

The Mirafit chains are a versatile piece of equipment that can be used for strength training. They can be attached to a variety of objects to create different exercises. In this article, we will instruct readers on how to use the chains for strength training.

Mirafit Lifting Chains FAQ Summary

If you’re looking for a quality strength training chains, look no further than Mirafit. These chains are top-quality and perfect for all types of strength training. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced weightlifter, Mirafit chains will help you reach your goals.

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