Mirafit Landmine & Handles UK

Mirafit Landmines help you to build strength and tone. A great addition to any workout.

Mirafit Landsmine is a versatile piece of gym equipment . Many people forget that the majority of exercises requires you to move the weight away from your body. With a landmine, this is easy to achieve.There’s a reason why Mirafit products are found in many pro sports teams, CrossFit boxes and elite gyms all over the world . Their high-quality design makes it possible for users to train with freedom and intensity. Whether you’re looking to build strength, power, endurance or gain mass, landmines are an essential and cost-effective training tool.

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Mirafit Landmine Row Platform
Mirafit Landmine Row Platform Dimnesions

Landmine Row Platform

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With the Mirafit landmine, you can get a full body workout in the comfort of your own home . They are available in black or chrome, and with a wide range of handles and weights to choose from. Mirafit landmines are a versatile way to build strength, tone your body and challenge your core. The heavy duty steel allows for even the toughest exercises, while the unique handle bar design provides easy rotation and balance. The Mirafit Landmine is used for a variety of different workouts, including pressing, rowing and squatting exercises. The barbell can be adjusted to the desired height, allowing you to target different muscle groups. It comes with two handles for seated rows and one for squats.

Mirafit Landmine Handles

Mirafit Landmine Handles will allow you to perform weighted exercises with a barbell in a range of different positions. With the weight removed away from your body, they allow for a wide range of weighted core exercises. Mirafit landmine handles are designed to turn any Olympic barbell into a ‘Mirafit landmine,’ allowing you to press, row, squat and rotate for a full body workout. Selecting the appropriate weight plates for your workout is easy with their ergonomically designed weight collar, and the rubber coated grip prevents slipping when using gloves. Mirafit Landmine Handles are an excellent addition to your home gym. They can be used to perform a wide range of exercises that target your core muscles, upper body and lower body. By removing the weight away from your body, landmines are ideal for adding stability and resistance to core exercises.
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