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Since introducing the inaugural stepping machine in 1983, StairMaster® has stood as an iconic presence in the fitness realm. Today, this legacy thrives with the Gauntlet®, a culmination of three decades of expertise and performance excellence. The Gauntlet® seamlessly merges cardio and strength training within its most ergonomically refined design. Boasting an expanded step surface made of durable, rust-free polypropylene, this commercial gym equipment is now equipped with three cutting-edge OpenHub™ console options – smart, affordable, and flexible. The synthesis of quality and innovation positions the Gauntlet® as the pinnacle of cardio fitness equipment, setting it head and shoulders above the competition in any gym setting.

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Stairmaster Twistlock Adjustable Dumbbells – 2-20kg Review

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StairMaster® Gauntlet®: A Legacy of Fitness Excellence

A Storied Legacy Since 1983

StairMaster®, a pioneer since the introduction of the first stepping machine in 1983, has consistently been a legendary name in the fitness industry. This enduring legacy laid the foundation for the iconic Gauntlet®, a testament to three decades of innovation and performance excellence.

The Gauntlet®: A Fusion of Expertise and Design

Building upon 30 years of invaluable experience, the Gauntlet® seamlessly blends cardio and strength training in a design that reflects the pinnacle of ergonomic refinement. It represents the evolution of StairMaster's commitment to delivering cutting-edge commercial gym equipment.

Enhanced Design for Superior Performance

The Gauntlet® distinguishes itself with a deeper, wider step surface crafted from durable, rust-free polypropylene. This elevated design not only ensures longevity but also provides users with a more comfortable and efficient workout experience, setting it apart from conventional cardio fitness equipment.

OpenHub™ Console Options: Smart, Affordable, Flexible

StairMaster® embraces modern technology with the Gauntlet® by offering three OpenHub™ console options – smart, affordable, and flexible. This technological integration enhances the user experience, providing a range of features to cater to diverse preferences and fitness goals.

Commercial Gym Equipment Redefined

As a stalwart in commercial gym equipment, the Gauntlet® sets a new standard. Its robust construction and innovative features make it a cornerstone in fitness facilities, providing gym-goers with a comprehensive solution for cardio and strength training.

Cardio Fitness Excellence

The Gauntlet® excels in delivering a superior combination of cardio and strength training. Its intelligent design and advanced features contribute to an effective and engaging workout, making it an essential addition to any fitness enthusiast's routine.

Beyond the Gym: Innovating Fitness

StairMaster's commitment to quality and innovation, exemplified in the Gauntlet®, transcends the gym environment. It represents a shift in how we perceive and engage with fitness equipment, setting a benchmark for excellence that extends far beyond the traditional workout space. In conclusion, the StairMaster® Gauntlet® stands as a testament to StairMaster's enduring commitment to excellence in fitness. With a legacy rooted in innovation and a design that combines comfort with performance, the Gauntlet® redefines the landscape of cardio fitness equipment, making every workout a transformative experience for users in commercial gym settings and beyond.
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