Cybex Eagle NX Glute Selectorised

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The Cybex Eagle NX Glute Selectorised machine is the perfect addition to any gym. This top of the line piece of equipment has been designed with the user’s safety and comfort in mind, making it a must-have for any serious fitness enthusiast. It offers users a wide range of motion to target specific muscles with precision, allowing them to tone and strengthen their glutes quickly and efficiently.

This machine also features adjustable resistance levels, making it suitable for all types of exercisers regardless of their experience or fitness goals. Its unique design includes an adjustable seat that allows users to adjust the height and angle for maximum comfort while training their glutes effectively. Additionally, its oversized footplate provides superior stability while using heavy weights during exercises.


Cybex Eagle NX Glute Selectorised Review

The Cybex Eagle NX Glute Selectorised machine is the perfect addition to any gym. It is a top of the line piece of equipment, designed with the user’s comfort and convenience in mind. This selectorised glute machine provides users with an effective lower body workout that can be tailored to their individual needs. The adjustable seat, independent arms, and multiple range of motion settings allow for a variety of exercises to target specific muscles in the glutes and legs.

What is the Cybex Eagle NX Glute Selectorised Machine?

The Cybex Eagle NX Glute Selectorised Machine is a fitness machine designed to help users strengthen and tone their glutes, or buttocks. It utilizes variable resistance technology with multiple weight stack configurations allowing users to customize the workout according to their individual goals. The Cybex Eagle NX has a unique design that makes it ideal for targeting and isolating the glutes while avoiding strain on other muscles in the body.

The features of this machine include adjustable handles, adjustable seat height, an independent moving arm system, digital readout display and more. With these features, users can select from multiple exercises including hip abduction & adduction, hip extension & flexion and single leg press movements. Additionally, an adjustable backrest ensures proper posture for each exercise for maximum effectiveness.


SKU: 20170-11

Brand: Cybex

Material: Hardened Steel

Dimensions: 70″ × 40″ × 56″ (177 cm × 103 cm × 142 cm)

Weight Stack: 305 lbs (139 kg)Machine Weight637 lbs (290 kg)

The Cybex Eagle NX Glute Selectorised Machine is an innovative piece of gym equipment that provides a full body, total body workout. Constructed with the highest quality materials, the machine boasts superior craftsmanship and ergonomics for both novice and experienced athletes alike. Its modern design features two independent weight stacks, allowing users to target different muscle groups more effectively. Additionally, the selection of adjustable pulleys ensures users can customize their workouts according to individual needs and preferences.

The Eagle NX Glute Selectorised Machine offers efficient yet comfortable seating positions that provide optimal support throughout your workout session. The intuitively designed console allows you to easily adjust resistance levels or switch up your training routine quickly and conveniently. Additionally, durable padding on each seat ensures maximum user comfort as well as support during longer sessions.

Range of Motion

Range of Motion is an important factor to consider when selecting exercise equipment. The Cybex Eagle NX Glute Selectorised machine provides users with a wide range of motion, allowing them to effectively target the glutes during their workout. Its well-designed pulley system and adjustable seat height makes it possible for users to perform numerous exercises without compromising form or stability. With its easy-to-use design and smooth operation, this machine can help you get the most out of every workout.

The Cybex Eagle NX Glute Selectorised offers a variety of different exercises designed to target the glutes, including squats, hip thrusts and various other movements. With its adjustable seat height and wide range of movement capabilities, this machine allows for multiple variations across each exercise so that you can customize your routine according to your individual needs and goals.

Muscles Targeted with the Eagle NX Glute Selectorised Machine

The Cybex Eagle NX Glute Selectorised Machine is a great way to target and strengthen specific muscles in your lower body. Whether you are an athlete looking to improve performance or just trying to get a good workout in, this machine can help. This review will discuss the various muscles targeted with the Eagle NX Glute Selectorised Machine and will provide their Latin names for reference.

The primary muscle group used on the Cybex Eagle NX Glute Selectorised Machine is the glutes, which includes three main muscles: gluteus maximus (Latin for ‘big buttocks’), gluteus minimus (Latin for ‘small buttocks’) and gluteus medius (Latin for ‘middle buttocks’).

Exercise Variety

Exercise Variety is a key component in any exercise program. Whether you are looking to build muscle, improve your endurance, or simply increase overall health and wellness, incorporating different types of exercises can keep things interesting while helping you reach your goals. The Cybex Eagle NX Glute Selectorised Machine offers a great variety of exercises designed to target the glutes and other leg muscles. This review will delve into how this machine offers a wide range of exercises as well as provide insight on its features and benefits.

This machine is designed with an adjustable seat height to accommodate users of all sizes and comes complete with six preset programs that offer various levels of intensity. With the eight training arms positioned at various angles, users can easily switch between workout styles such as squats, deadlifts, lunges, box jumps, and more.

Resistance Levels

The Cybex Eagle NX Glute Selectorised Machine is a great piece of equipment for those looking to increase their strength and resistance levels. It offers users a range of motion exercises that target the glutes and hamstrings, with adjustable resistance settings that allow you to tailor your workout according to your needs. With the ability to adjust the weight quickly and easily, this machine can help you reach your fitness goals in no time.

This user-friendly machine provides an effective way to train your glutes without any hassle. It has a comfortable design with an easy-to-use seat adjustment system that makes it simple for different users of all sizes to get into position for their workouts. The adjustable resistance settings give you control over how challenging each exercise is, so you can work at a pace that suits your fitness level best.

Safety Features

The Cybex Eagle NX Glute Selectorised is the latest in fitness technology and safety features. This machine offers a variety of innovative safety measures to ensure users can work out safely. It is equipped with an automated Emergency Stop button, a soft-start system for gradual acceleration, and a unique locking mechanism that prevents accidental pinning or entrapment during its use.

For added protection, the Cybex Eagle NX Glute Selectorised includes built-in sensors to monitor user progress and alert operators if any form of excessive strain is being applied. Additionally, the machine’s highly durable frames are constructed from heavy gauge steel to maximize stability and minimize risk of tipping or slipping accidents.

Where to buy the Eagle NX Glute Selectorised Machine in the UK

Are you looking for an effective butt-building machine? Consider the Cybex Eagle NX Glute Selectorised Machine. This powerful piece of gym equipment is designed to help you strengthen and tone your glutes. It features a full range of motion and adjustable weight levels, making it ideal for people who want to build strength without putting pressure on their joints or muscles. Plus, it’s easy to use with no need for manual adjustments.

But where can you buy this machine in the UK? Fortunately, there are plenty of options available online. You can find the Cybex Eagle NX Glute Selectorised Machine at major retailers such as Amazon and Fitness Superstore, as well as specialized fitness stores like Gym Source and Gym Gear Direct. Prices vary depending on where you shop, so be sure to compare prices before making a purchase.

Cybex Eagle NX Glute Selectorised
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