Mirafit Tricep Bar

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Mirafit Tricep Bar for weight training and cross training. The weight bar allows you to maintain a consistent form while you work out to help you maximise your gains. The solid steel bar is compatible with standard sized 1″ weight plates.


Last updated on June 10, 2024 5:27 am

Mirafit Tricep Bars allow you to build triceps in a variety of angles. Use as an accessory exercise to work your biceps and triceps or use as your main lift for each workout. Complete with collars, our weight bars and weights are competitively priced for all.

Discover the full range of Mirafit Tricep Bar at UK Gym Equipment. We have a large selection available so we’re certain to have the right equipment for you. All of our weight bars have a solid steel construction and come in a variety of sizes, including easy-to-use 1″ and 2″ Olympic size for weights.

Training with a weight bar helps to isolate specific muscle groups or particular parts of the triceps muscle during a workout. Mirafit offer several different types of Mirafit tricep bars, including Mirafit multi grip tricep bars, regular weightlifting bars, and even Olympic 2″ weightlifting bars. Isolate each part of the tricep muscles with our variously shaped tricep bars too.

Mirafit’s range of tricep training bars will give you a variety of angles and positions to ensure that you’re hitting every part of the tricep. Take your training to the next level with a set of Mirafit bars and weight plates. With every bar offering 2 different grip positions, and a variation in overall length, there are plenty of combinations for you to choose from and these will help give you the best workout possible.

With Mirafit’s range of weight bars available, you’re sure to find the perfect tricep weight bar to help you hit your fitness goals. Great for muscling up, narrowing your shoulders and shaping your arms, our range of tricep bars are also a fantastic way to build muscle mass fast. We offer a selection of unique weight bar designs including exercise bars, dumbbells, weight lifting bars and compact models.

Mirafit tricep bars are made from solid steel, so you can use them with confidence. Boasting sturdy and durable construction, plus shaped grips for comfortable workouts, they’re ideal for both amateur and professional athletes. You’ll find a great range of bars at fantastic prices here on our website. We even offer free shipping on orders over £100!

Mirafit Tricep Bar Review

Check out our review of the Mirafit tricep bar and find out if it’s worth the money! We’ve shown pictures of the device, used it for a few weeks and done the hard work for you so that you know exactly how it compares to the Bench Press Buddy and many more alternatives!

Tricep bars are a very important tool for weight training, but where do you start when it comes to choosing the best tricep bar for you? We look at 3 of the best on the market today and make our Mirafit tricep bar review.

The Mirafit Tricep Bar is a great entry level tricep bar from an established company. It has a solid build quality and is priced perfectly for beginners. The grips are comfortable and the bar is great for beginners looking to build triceps strength and tone arm muscles. The Mirafit tricep bar is unlike any other in its category, offering 15 different grips to allow full range of motion at the entire arm as well as some compound movements. This allows for a comprehensive workout of the triceps, shoulders, chest and back. No more reaching for the dumbbells, now you can get everything done with one bar.

The Mirafit tricep bar is specifically designed with the beginner in mind. It is a small, black and red tricep bar that weighs 3.2kg and is made from cast iron. It has a small single pulley on one end with a black plastic handle and a round, light (weighs about 425g) black dumbbell on the other end for additional weight. This bar is great for those looking to get used to working out with tricep bars so that they can then move onto more expensive and professional models like the True Form Elite or CAP Barbell Cast-Iron Curl Bar .

Mirafit triceps specific bar is an exceptional tool to add to any home or commercial gym. Its maximises on the muscle involvement of triceps and emulates a curved grip bench press with a range of motion. The addition of the integrated spring resistance makes it versatile as users can change the springs to cater for different levels of difficulty. The tempered steel enables a strong build which doesn’t feel cheap and flimsy when used

Mirafit Multi Grip Tricep Bars

Mirafit Multi Grip Tricep Bars Update Once again Mirafit have hit the mark with their unique approach to tricep bar design. This is the best tricep bar we have reviewed since we began reviewing fitness equipment and its with no surprise that Mirafit have come up with a winner. While it may not seem like much it is nice to see this level of attention to detail in a cheap product, other companies could learn a lot from Mirafit.

As you will see from our hands-on review, we were pretty impressed by the look and feel of the Mirafit Multi Grip Tricep Bars. There are some impressive features to consider and below we’ve outlined what we liked and what we didn’t like about these triceps bars.

The Mirafit Multi Grip Tricep Bar is a great addition to the gym bag of anyone looking to strengthen their triceps. The Mirafit Multi Grip Tricep Bar allows you to perform tricep extension, cable push downs and many other exercises too. It also has a side handle which allows you to perform triceps kickbacks which are an important exercise for building a strong, defined back and preventing injury. The Tricep bar is built to very high build quality and is made from heavy duty materials that are sure to last for years.

The Mirafit Multi Grip Tricep Bars are one of our favourite pieces of gym equipment available today. They provide a great workout with very little to go wrong and at an affordable price.

Mirafit 1″ Tricep Bar Review Summary

If you’re a bodybuilder, weightlifter or powerlifter and you want to know everything there is to know about the Mirafit tricep bar, then check out this article. We cover every aspect of the Mirafit tricep bar to give you the information you need before making a decision on whether it’s worth buying or not. We even cover the build quality and compare it to other products in its price range like the cheaper Rogue Fitness tricep bar and the Body Solid cast iron.

– Suitable for heavy lifting
– Very sturdy build
– Attractive design, easy to store
– Ideal for people with limited space and no gym membership
– Not very beginner friendly

– it does have a learning curve

Mirafit tricep bar review Overall the Mirafit tricep bar is a good addition to any weightlifting collection. The build quality is great and you cant beat the price tag. If you are looking for a cheap entry level weight

Mirafit have been on a roll the last few years building great products, they already have a top quality sit up bench which is widely popular and well reviewed. They have also built a terrific weighted dip belt and now they’ve launched this tricep bar.

Mirafit Tricep Bar Review is meant to be read by anyone interested in buying the Mirafit tricep bar or looking for more information about it. The author has made a review of the Mirafit tricep bar and will give you several, detailed opinions about its design, ease of use, effectiveness and overall performance.

Tricep Bar for Curls from Mirafit

The Tricep Bar for Curls from Mirafit provides a more effective workout for your arms because you can use your own bodyweight to complete the curl. An overhead bar attached on to the curl machine allows your shoulders and arms to swing out as you perform the exercise, which replicates as close as possible a natural curling movement.

The Mirafit Tricep Bar for Curls offers an upgraded ergonomic design when compared to it’s competitors, in a cost effective package. It also has an innovative ‘split’ bar/handle design to make it more comfortable to use and reduce strain on your wrists. The company claim that this is the best triceps bar (or “curl bar” as they call it) because of its high quality construction and durable, state-of-the-art all-flywheel system.

The Mirafit Tricep Bar for Curls bar is an excellent tool for working out your arms. The straight arm position enables you to work your biceps and triceps, and the handles are positioned with the maximum number of muscles in mind. Mirafit have also included an option to add weight plates if you want to increase the intensity of your workout.



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